THE TOP WATCH REVIEWS OF 2021 – The Bremont Broadsword Jet (#19) THE TOP WATCH REVIEWS OF 2021 – The Bremont Broadsword Jet (#19)

THE TOP WATCH REVIEWS OF 2021 – The Bremont Broadsword Jet (#19)

Jared Belson

Editor’s note: There were a lot of watches released in 2021 and the Time+Tide team endeavoured to review as many of them as we possibly could. Here we count down the Top 30 reviews of the year by traffic in our best radio DJ voice. At number 19, it’s the Bremont Broadsword Jet…

While there are plenty of military-inspired watches on the market these days, there’s only one brand that has a fully acknowledged direct partnership with a nation’s armed forces: Bremont. In recognition of being awarded a Silver Armed Forces Covenant for continued support of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, the brand has released an online only, unique entry into the mil-spec watch world: the Bremont Broadsword Jet Online Exclusive.

Bremont Broadsword Jet

​The Broadsword Jet isn’t altogether unfamiliar, as it’s based on the standard Broadsword that was released back in 2019. That watch was Bremont’s modernised take on the famed “Dirty Dozen” design, with its small seconds at 6 o’clock and Arabic numerals. So what makes this iteration so unique? The first thing you’ll notice on the Jet is the black DLC-coated, 40mm two-piece stainless steel case. While the brand is no stranger to DLC coatings, this is the first of the Armed Forces lineup to receive the treatment. This anti-reflective, scratch-resistant treatment serves the watch well, lending an air of austerity and making it easy to imagine the Jet being strapped to the wrist of a commando during a covert operation. Not to be outdone, the screw-down caseback is similarly DLC-coated and stamped with the badges of all three of the United Kingdom’s armed services. The matching matte black finished dial furthers the “military operations” look and allows for greater legibility of the contrasting stark white of the numerals. The stepped inner bezel houses the minute track as well as the custom multi-layered mint green Super LumiNova lume plots, giving the watch another level of visual dimension.

Bremont Broadsword Jet

However, the real show-stopper of the Bremont Broadsword Jet is its bronze accents. The satin-bronzed hands are covered in a thick layer of white Super LumiNova, and provide a beautiful variation between the lume plots for the hour markers that makes it that much easier to read the time in low light situations. The hands are matched by a bronze screw-down crown inlaid with black, showing off the Bremont propeller logo that provides a solid 100 metres of water resistance.

The Jet sits on a 20mm integrated black rubber diver strap that Bremont refers to as “Temple Island.” To round out the package, the buckle on the Temple Island is made of the same satin bronze as the hands and crown. As precision in military instruments is always of importance, Bremont’s opted for their BE-95-2AV movement. Ticking away at 4Hz and with a 38-hour power reserve, the version used here notably complies with the ISO 3159 standard for chronometers.

Bremont Broadsword Jet

Though plenty of DLC-coated watches have come to market in the past, the bronzed elements are what truly set this design apart. While they’ve adhered to the spirit of the original Dirty Dozen specifications, Bremont’s ability to tweak the design formula provides a truly unique interpretation of what a modern military watch can be.

Bremont Broadsword Jet Online Exclusive pricing and availability:

The Bremont Broadsword Jet Online Exclusive is available now, sold only through Bremont’s website. Price: $3,795 USD