Snoopy MoonSwatch teased for March 26, 2024 in print advertisement Snoopy MoonSwatch teased for March 26, 2024 in print advertisement

Snoopy MoonSwatch teased for March 26, 2024 in print advertisement

Zach Blass
  • An issue of The Guardian last week contained an advertisement insert from Swatch.
  • The ad featured a paw print stamped into the moon, with the date ‘26.3.2024’, and a ‘Peanuts Worldwide LLC’ copyright stamp.
  • March 26 is a crucial date as the original MoonSwatches debuted on 26.3.2022.


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The MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase Snoopy has since launched – full intro here!

Nearly two months ago, I predicted a Snoopy edition of the MoonSwatch was coming eminently after Swatch released a teaser on Instagram with Snoopy howling on the moon next to a briefcase full of MoonSwatches. I cop it, I was wrong (at least then). But, in my defence, many media outlets also misunderstood the teaser which ultimately was revealed to be an effort to promote a charity auction of eleven MoonSwatch briefcases each filled with the eleven Mission to Moonshine Gold variants of the MoonSwatch. So, while that was a bit of a false start, a new teaser has come to light via a print advertisement insert placed in an issue of The Guardian last week. And I can safely say, even in the wake of previously jumping the gun, that this is the real deal – the moment has finally come. Here is why.

Snoopy MoonSwatch Swatch Omega Teaser
A scan of the advertisement insert that was provided by Swatch.

The advertisement features a paw print pressed into the surface of the moon, which, already is a strong indication of a Snoopy MoonSwatch. Furthermore, there is even a ‘Peanuts Worldwide LLC’ copyright stamp in the bottom right corner of the insert. So, if there was any doubt about who the paw belongs to, the Peanuts marking makes it very certain Snoopy is the culprit. Equally revealing, the teaser ad also bears a date stamp that reads “26.3.2024” which is a very important and relevant date for the MoonSwatch. March 26, 2022, is the day the original eleven MoonSwatch watches first made their debut. So, a Snoopy Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch released on March 26 of this year would serve as a two-year anniversary celebration of the collection.

Ultimately, the question appears to be no longer if or when. We have a Peanuts© paw print, and we have a date. The lingering question is what will this Snoopy MoonSwatch look like? Obviously, I cannot speak with 100% certainty, but I think the safest bet is that we will see some sort of Snoopy or Peanuts© motif on the central chronograph seconds hand – in the same vein as many of the Mission to Moonshine gold variants. I think it is also safe to assume we will see the image of Snoopy printed and embedded within one of the chronograph counters as we have seen on Snoopy-branded limited edition models of the Omega Speedmaster. Considering this is likely a CHF 275 Meca-quartz watch, it is very safe to assume that we will not have some elaborate animated caseback as we saw on the most recent blue Snoopy Speedmaster – far more likely that there are special edition text markings on the caseback. As for colours, we will just have to wait and see.


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Complicating matters, pun intended, is a recently dropped teaser on Swatch’s Instagram profile. It depicts a double moonphase which incorporates Snoopy resting on each of the moons. Furthermore, the moons are filled with Super-Luminova® and, appearing only in darkness, is a luminous starry backdrop for the discs along with the hidden text “I can’t sleep without a night light!” Could this mean a complication is being introduced into the MoonSwatch? Or, dare I say MoonSwatch 2.0? We will have to wait until March 26, 2024 to find out.

Recently some have expressed MoonSwatch fatigue due to the continuing struggle to access a desired configuration at retail, along with, in the eyes of some, the lack of novelty for the eleven Mission to Moonshine gold sequels. I predict upon the unveiling there will be comments which express both joy and cynicism. Undeniable, however, is the fact that a Snoopy MoonSwatch will definitely raise excitement around the collection – especially if new a complication is introduced into the mix.