The best watches for finance fanatics, from the classic Datejust to a humble Casio The best watches for finance fanatics, from the classic Datejust to a humble Casio

The best watches for finance fanatics, from the classic Datejust to a humble Casio

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Watch collecting isn’t really a hobby you can have for free. There are definitely ways to engage with the community without spending money, but even for modest collections we’re probably talking hundreds of dollars. You have to be aware of the watch’s value both before and after you buy it, consider the fluctuations of supply and demand, and ensure that you’re not overspending on watches which you can’t even afford to have serviced regularly. So, it’s no surprise that a huge percentage of watch enthusiasts are also into finance as a hobby. Whether you’re into day trading, investing, or crypto, here’s a handful of watches which can link your interests together.

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust 41 Two Tone Fluted Gold Dial

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way. From American Psycho to The Wolf of Wall Street, the Datejust is the proud archetype of the psychopathic finance watch. Jokes aside, it’s one of the default options for good reason. The Rolex name has the most brand cachet in the world, and the Datejust works on pretty much any wrist thanks to its various sizing and colour options. The classic two-tone look with a fluted gold bezel and Jubilee bracelet has also got to be one of the most-faked watches of all time, which is the highest form of flattery. It looks great dressed down or up, and retains its value extremely well. It may not be one of the Rolex references which double in value if you can buy it at the RRP, but it’s definitely a watch of instant acceptance in realms where money talks. Price: A$23,250 (ref. 126333)

Grand Seiko Omiwatari SBGY007

Grand Seiko SBGY007

Making an impression in the finance world can be just as much about saving huge sums of money as spending huge sums of money, and that’s where Grand Seiko comes in. Although their prices have risen significantly over the last few years, that’s only because people caught on to how great the value was. It was the Snowflake SBGA211 which really started getting international acclaim from 2017 onwards, but their collections have since expanded to include a plethora of beautiful, nature-inspired dials. This SBGY007 is inspired by the frozen surface of Lake Suwa in winter, after it’s covered in snow. The subtle blue hue and the perfectly-smooth sweep of the spring drive movement contributes to the overall elegant execution, and it’s just different enough from the majority of luxury watches that you’ll be marked out as a true watch enthusiast. Price: A$12,400

Citizen Tsuyosa

NJ0150 56L Lifestyle 1 e1684354409432

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you’re looking for a watch which looks much nicer than its price tag would suggest, the Citizen Tsuyosa is a fantastic option. There are definitely some hints of Rolex design about it, mainly with the Oyster Perpetual-like hour markers and the president-style bracelet, however it’s also twisted with some 1970s flair in the squared-off lugs and the integration of that bracelet. The blue, black, or silver dial versions would all look fantastic with a suit, or you could opt for one of the more colourful references if you dare to be different. The automatic Miyota 8210 movement is a solid calibre for someone new to mechanical watchmaking, but it could also easily be a lifetime watch if you’re satisfied without the luxury validation. Price: A$650

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Pink Gold

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra Thin Pink Gold

There’s nothing which says success quite like a gold watch, and one with a solid gold bracelet and perpetual calendar has to be at the pinnacle. If you want people to know exactly how much money flows through you on a daily basis, but without the tackiness that some of the more hyped brands have, then the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin is a stunning choice. It’s something different from the solid gold Rolexes, Pateks and APs you’ll likely come upon in finance’s upper crust, and the hint of sportiness from the Maltese cross-inspired bezel and integrated bracelet is incredibly bold with that super-saturated blue dial. Price: US$111,000

Casio Duro

casio duro mdv107d 1a2 bill gates batman

Bill Gates isn’t exactly a finance figure, but with a net worth of US$128.8B, this entry to the list is more symbolic. The “humble billionaire wears cheap watch” trope might be a little silly on a few levels, but it’s representative that you can really wear anything you like. A fancy watch may help you in some regards of business, but the vast majority of people aren’t going to pay much attention to it. The most responsible financial decision is probably to invest your money elsewhere, and just get something which looks nice enough and tells the time. Price: A$229 from the Time+Tide Shop