WHO TO FOLLOW: @therubyhour and her amazing watch stories WHO TO FOLLOW: @therubyhour and her amazing watch stories

WHO TO FOLLOW: @therubyhour and her amazing watch stories

Ricardo Sime

It has been a few months since I started writing Who To Follow. In that time, I’ve gotten to know some amazing individuals from professional photographers to artists, each reinforcing the #watchfam motto we all know and love. It has reached a point now where, by the time I’ve finished writing, I feel like I’ve made a friend for life. It also feels great knowing I’ve introduced you all to someone worth your time and attention. That is why today’s follow feels so surreal. Because today, I’m drawing your attention to someone who is doing the same, in her own unique way. Say hello to @therubyhour

@therubyhour and her Cartier Tank

@therubyhour is the Instagram handle of Myra, a Canadian who loves jewellery. When the pandemic hit, she found herself joining Instagram to share her jewellery collection, with the occasional watch pic posted amongst the bunch. Yet as time progressed, she decided to create another account for just watch photos. And that my friends was all that needed to happen for us to grab her and never let go.

When I finally got a chance to chat with Myra for this article, I came to find out that she has been one of us for quite some time. And the pandemic just provided a circumstance where her love for watches could shine.

@therubyhour and her Panthere de Cartier

Myra, how did you originally get into watches?

“I have always worn a watch as I noticed my parents wearing watches when I was a child.” Myra explains. “My dad still owns a Tudor Oyster Prince Day Date as his one and only watch. From my university days and on, I found it easier to check the time on my watch when I’m running between meetings, family errands and appointments. Wearing a watch is a habit for me; it feels like something’s missing when I’m not wearing one.”

Where did the idea for featuring others from the watch community come from?

“After I started my watch account, a couple of jewellery friends told me they also liked watches. I had no idea! I asked them how they got into watches and found their stories so interesting and relatable. I thought, why not do a post about it? I interviewed three jewellery friends at first. Then I got to know people on the watch side and featured them too. Somehow it just became a regular series.”

I see you have a website. What was behind the decision to have your Watch Stories on Instagram instead of the website?

“Instagram is a photo platform and I like experimenting with photography and learning tips from others. But to me, the most interesting part of Instagram is learning about the people behind the account. In my industry, I see all the work that goes into carefully crafting a public persona and choosing the right words and images for a brand. So I am always eager to find content featuring real people’s words and photos without all the finesse. This is what draws me to social media in the first place and these stories are just an extension of that.”

Myra, the woman behind @therubyhour

It’s amazing to see someone on Instagram who shares the same inquisitive spirit that drives this segment. Getting to know each other in this community shortens the distance between us and truly makes the community global. With so many experiences and a plethora of backstories that define us, any opportunity we have to share that with others also brings down any walls we may have built. And makes the experience of #watchfam that much more enjoyable. So give @therubyhour a follow to get know your fellow enthusiast.