The Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword: #1 Complications

The Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword: #1 Complications

Zach Blass

One Sunday morning, I was sitting on the couch having a New York Times mini-crossword race with my brother. It was a pretty close battle, luck of the prompts really, where he got caught up on one of the clues allowing me to come from behind and complete it before him. But in the silent down time, as I waited for him to finally arrive at his last word, I thought to myself “what if there were crosswords dedicated to watch enthusiasts?”. It was a friendly competition between twin siblings, and as the home of watch culture we are always eager to find ways to make watches fun for everyone. Like popping open a Snapple, and peering at the underside of its cap, crosswords are a great way to learn while having fun. With so many terms, names, references and styles to remember, what would be better than having a horological-focused crossword to test your knowledge and keep watch-related terms, facts, and figures fresh in your mind. Thus, the idea for a weekly Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword was born.

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword


Each week, we will post a new Weekend Watch Crossword for you all to solve at varying levels of difficulty – novice, intermediate, and advanced – with clues/prompts that revolve around a particular watch-focused theme. Now we know most of you coming to the site each day are on your mobile phones, so we settled on having 10 total prompts for each Weekend Watch Crossword to offer up enough clues to solve while also being manageable on a train ride to work. The platform is very easy to use. You can either tap on a given prompt, or an individual box, to begin typing out your answers and if your input is correct the word will appear in green (wrong and it will appear in red).

So, what is the competitive aspect of all this? Well, while we believe many of you would simply do this for fun, we wanted to up the ante and raise the stakes by awarding a prize to a randomly selected reader who completes the puzzle. The Weekend Watch Crossword may be tricky, but submitting your completed crossword to be eligible for the mystery weekly prize is very simple.

  1. Complete the Weekend Watch Crossword.
  2. Screenshot your completed Weekend Watch Crossword.
  3. Share your screenshot on your Instagram stories or grid with the hashtag #timetideweekendwatchcrossword and tag us at @timetidewatches.

Three simple steps and you are in the running for the mystery prize.

For our first ever Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword, the theme is “complications”. Let us know if you think the puzzle below is too complicated for you đŸ˜‰.