Jake Paul tips his barber with a US$11K Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch Jake Paul tips his barber with a US$11K Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch

Jake Paul tips his barber with a US$11K Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch

Zach Blass

The expression do not bite the hand that feeds you is an international turn of phrase. In the same vein, you never want to piss off the person who cuts your hair. It is good to keep your barber happy to ensure you always get the clean haircut you are looking for – rather than leave the barbershop knowing you’ll have to wear a hat for the next month or so. But, recently controversy-ridden YouTuber turned “boxer” Jake Paul took things too far – for once in a good way. At least for his barber JB Always Fresh.

According to TMZ, Paul flew JB Always Fresh, a famous hair stylist whose real name is Jamiel Bustos, from Canada to Puerto Rico ahead of his upcoming fight with Nate Diaz. To show his appreciation for “the best barber in the world” Paul, in lieu of payment or a cash tip, decided to present JB with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 ref. 114300 with a crisp white dial. TMZ explained the video clip was originally shared on Paul’s own social media, and that JB was so taken aback by the watch he, understandably, thought he was about to be the victim of a prank or skit in the name of views and likes.

After Paul continually reassured him this was not a joke, and that the watch was real and a gift, JB replied: “”Yo, oh my God! You don’t know how much this actually really means to me, bro. I’ve met over like a thousand millionaires in my whole lifetime, I’ve met a bunch of other influencers, creators … dude, this is like some real, genuine stuff.”

The reference was discontinued a few years back to the dismay of many, with not only this particular reference, but also the 39mm case size, now gone entirely from the Oyster Perpetual collection. TMZ reported the watch was worth at least US$5,000, but they are not watch experts. The ref. 114300, these days, like many discontinued Rolex watches, trades well over its original retail at around US$10K – US$11K (approximately double its retail value prior to its 2020 discontinuation).

Rolex Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s resume is filled with debauchery and questionable antics, so I will not go as far as to say he is Mother Theresa by any means. But, giving him the benefit of the doubt, it was a genuine gift and certainly a very kind offering to his barber JB.

You can learn more about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 ref. 114300 White Dial here.