FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A one of a kind visit to London and a pit-stop at The Wing with Bremont FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A one of a kind visit to London and a pit-stop at The Wing with Bremont

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A one of a kind visit to London and a pit-stop at The Wing with Bremont

Zach Blass

I’m pushing through the jet-lag, fresh off the plane back in New York City after a week in London. I only wish I could have stayed longer, but fortunately the days I was there were packed with fun and watches – 162 to be exact.

Having been to their exhibition in NYC back in 2017, I thought I had already seen the best possible assembly of Patek Philippe watches. The OAK Collection exhibition, however, may have even topped that display. The One of a Kind name is no joke, Patrick Getreide’s highly curated collection boasts not only an extraordinary array of vintage and rare Patek, but some truly one-off bespoke pieces created at his request that you’d never be able to see anywhere else.

He even has commissioned modern unique revivals of his rare vintage references – showcasing side by side the same watch made then and now. With over 600 watches in his collection, allegedly and conservatively estimated to be worth $300M, to own just one of these pieces would be an exit watch for 99.9% of watch lovers.

After taking in all those incredible pieces, I had to walk off the horological feast I had just experienced – strolling the streets of London wishing I had a better stock portfolio or had got in on crypto currency early.

Of course, as a watch person, I had to stop in each Swatch boutique I strolled past. Most did not have any MoonSwatch inventory, but one had a line down the block – which surprised me considering the watches were debuted over two months ago.

Before returning to Heathrow to head back to New York, I squeezed in a quick visit to Bremont’s Manufacture “The Wing”. I have always respected what Bremont works to create, but being at the source made me appreciate everything they do that much more. Most of the manufactures I have been to can feel like time capsules at times, but at The Wing you don’t feel vibes of the past – it’s all about the present and the future.

Getting to walk through and see all the machinery, and their respective operators, you really get a sense of all the work that goes into creating their robust watches. And considering 20% of their inventory is sold to military organisations each year, the builds need to be rock solid – marketing spin alone won’t suffice. In watchmaking, we tend to laud hand-craftsmanship and the imagery of a watchmaker filing away at the edges of a bridge, while diminishing the skill of machining. Having seen the effort that goes into various CNC processes, my visit made me realise the art of the science. I still prize and covet traditional methods, and exquisite hand-finishing, for sure. But do not dismiss the value of quality and highly refined machining. And if you really dig the case finishes you see on these final products, be sure to send your thanks to their polishing specialist Toby who ensures each case receives a bit of hand-finished love (resulting in the curvaceous smooth cambers that help form a Bremont watch around your wrist).

Naturally, before I left to make my plane back home I had to sit in their own. Having a genuine cockpit outside the manufacturer (as well as cars and motorcycles inside the manufacture) may seem like a gimmick, but they really are tangible reminders of just how deep Bremont’s love runs for racing and aviation – two passions that fuel and inspire many of their designs.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

– Zach

Watch meme of the week: The reason we all have to create separate watch Instagrams…


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Whenever people outside of #watchfam ask me about watches, and why I love them, I always give them a look that says: are you ready to go down this rabbit-hole? It is so easy, in our passion, to talk extensively about timepieces. But be sure to read your audience, and recognise when your answer should be one minute long versus one hour.

Wrist shot of the week: Andrea Casalegno continues to flex the Crash-like Exaequo Softwatch


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It just comes so natural to Italians doesn’t it? Swag and style to the max, Andrea Casalegno rocks the watch Cartier Crash admirers, who cannot pay the six or more figures required to snag one these days, should really look into: The Exaquo Softwatch. You can learn more about this Salvador Dali-inspired creation from Andrea here.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: Hamilton Khaki Field Auto (38mm & 42mm)

When you’re planning an expedition, your equipment should be reliable, resilient, functional and compact. This watch is all that and more. At 38mm, or 42mm if you’d like it a bit larger, this watch is punching above its weight when it comes to military-inspired features. It delivers bold looks, a rugged and robust case and strap, plus a movement that won’t let you down. With 80 hours of typical power reserve in the exclusive H-10 automatic caliber, the Khaki Field Auto will keep you going wherever your destination.

Price: $975 AUD

Buy it now at the Time+Tide Shop.

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