FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 18th December, 2015 (#xmaswinddown edition) FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 18th December, 2015 (#xmaswinddown edition)

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 18th December, 2015 (#xmaswinddown edition)

Felix Scholz

This is it. The last Wind Down of 2015. And we made sure it was a good one. While many of our watch loving friends are shivering through white Xmas’ and braving the black ice, we’re bracing for 40-degrees tomorrow. After all, in the words of an 80s band no-one remembers, this is Australia.


Picture the scene – perfect weather, the rooftop bar of Candela Nuevo (our ‘other’ office), and a 270-degree view of the Yarra from 12 floors up, and 50 of our closest supporters. We were there to celebrate an amazing 12 months for Time+Tide, and to look back on the year that was; all the watches bought, sold and lusted over.


We were also there for a more selfish reason. A few days earlier we stuck a fork in our Holiday Buying Guide. 12 of the hottest watches of the year, all of which could be potentially sitting under your tree on December 25. What better way to celebrate than to ply everyone with free drinks and ask them to choose what they fancied from the selection?


So, for those of you who couldn’t be with us, thanks for all your support and pour yourself a well-earned drink. After all, Santa Claus, IS coming to town, Bruce just told us (Andrew thanks Felix for the Xmas-mixtape).

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