FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 16th October, 2015 – Bromance edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 16th October, 2015 – Bromance edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 16th October, 2015 – Bromance edition

Andrew McUtchen


 **This Friday Wind Down may contain traces of bromance**

Watches are meant to be a boring business, right? All about details, serial numbers and swap meets and so on. We might have hoped for that kind of life (no, we didn’t) but it hasn’t quite panned out like that lately. The last seven days has seen us divide and conquer in Sydney – where Felix met Franck Muller on his first ever trip to Australia. Felix’s favourite quote from Franck? Why did he create the Curvex Case? “Because a beautiful woman told me to.” And why are we publishing this amazing photo of Felix and Franck embracing? Because your wallet needs it. #franckandfelix – this could become a thing.

Bromance rating: Manageable but palpable to onlookers.

Thumbs up to finding bromance in unlikely places. Franck Muller with Time+Tide Editor Felix Scholz.

Then there was that day in country Victoria – where Andrew, Katie and freak artist Vince Fantauzzo (seriously, this guy, wow) tested Ducati Scramblers and Tudor Fastriders to their limits. On camera. With the legends from Spilt Milk manning drones and cameras “It was rad, Vince did a wheelie” Andrew said on the phone to Felix. “I don’t want to come back.” It was the same day Tudor released the Black Bay Black, something we’ve known about for a while but had to keep under our motorbike helmets. It was all about Tudor on Thursday.

Bromance rating: Fairly intense, especially during the filming of the wheelie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.47.57 PM


MEANWHILE IN NEW YORK… Andy Green fulfilled a childhood dream (Andy’s only 23 remember, everything’s a childhood dream) when he went on a man-date with playboy, connoisseur and co-founder of the fabled #redbarcrew Adam Craniotes. There was a lot of anticipation. A lot of nervous energy to be honest. It was verging on uncomfortable to watch. Several man-with-man emojis were shared. One thing led to another, one Bloody Mary led to shots and they ended up, what do you know, at a #redbarcrew meet. “He’s a solid guy,” said Andy. “Down Under brother from another mother,” said Adam.

Bromance rating: The roof is on fire.

Andy Green (left) and Adam Craniotes (right) with the bloodiest Marys we’ve ever seen.


4: The number of Rosé wines shared by #franckandfelix (that we know about)

2: The number of Bloody Marys consumed by @andygreenlive and @craniotes (that we know about)

3700: The price in Aussie dollars of the new Tudor Black Bay Black

1: The number in the queue for the Patek 5730P our friend and follower @jedly1 managed to secure. The proud owner is pictured here.

20: The width in millimetres of the Franck Muller Gigatourbillon. Damn, that’s a wide ol tourbillon.

3: The number of bad dreams the T+T team had about the alarmingly face like face of the Franck Muller Gigatourbillon. Aghhhhh!

470: The number of people that liked Blancpain’s stunning Ocean Commitment Exhibition post. Those pictures
are incredible.