FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 13th March, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 13th March, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 13th March, 2015

Felix Scholz

Friday Wind Down 13 March

How do you relax on Friday the 13th? Well, if you’re Andrew you helicopter to a mountain and run up it with a bunch of elite sportsmen (more on that later). Me, I’m planning on having a nice cool beer somewhere sunny very soon. To each their own.

What happened?


OK, we’ve got to toot our own horn a little bit here – but for good reason. Yesterday we published a video of an event we hosted with Omega last year – The Night of Omega Firsts. It’s so good that even people who don’t care about watches (gasp!) have watched the whole thing.

Gold cars watchanish
(Ridiculous) image via

Sometimes in the world of high-end watches you might have the occasional nagging feeling about things like ‘social good’ and ‘giving back’ as you strap on your watch worth the GDP of small island nations. If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms don’t worry – we’ve found a list to make you feel better.


What actually mattered?

Historic brand Angelus (no not the guy from Buffy) has had a reboot. And they don’t look anything like they used to.

The week in numbers

59: The number of comments on Instagram about our piece on hairy arms and skeleton watches. Who knew we’d open such a can of (hairy) worms.

10%: The percentage of our Instagram followers who are going to get an Apple Watch.

$14,000: The number of $AUD it’ll cost to get a yellow gold Apple Watch Edition.

0: The number of our followers who are going to pay that much for one (we have alternatives though).

120: The number of emails a day (roughly) we’re getting about Baselworld. On that note, Friday Wind Down next week will be coming from this pub in Basel.