Five takeaways from my time with the Norqain Night Sight Five takeaways from my time with the Norqain Night Sight

Five takeaways from my time with the Norqain Night Sight

Ricardo Sime

Judging a brand in print before actually holding one of their offerings in hand is akin to libel. So much gets lost between the 2D images of a press release and the feeling of steel on your fingertips. Every curve and facet is a testament to what it is a brand can do, so when I get a chance to see a watch “in the flesh” I jump on it. Such was the case with a recent release, the Norqain Night Sight. I was able to spend a few weeks with the watch and what I learned from it completely changed my opinion of the brand.

The Plaque is Alright

The personalization of a watch for many brings this hobby into a very individualized place. However, in a world where watches constantly change hands and the amount of real estate for an engraving is minimal, personalization can seem impractical. But not for Norqain. With the plaque on the side of the case and it’s ability to be interchanged at any time, that process is simplified. Furthermore, in person, the plaque is quite discrete, sitting almost flush with the case.

The Devil is in the Details

On the Norqain Night Sight, the case has received a complete DLC treatment. Many times, when a brand does this, they have a hard time navigating the line between a flat looking watch or a watch that almost seems plasticky in appearance. On the Night Sight, this isn’t the case. Yes it’s a sporty watch but between the polished chamfers and brushed surfaces, the details in the finishing still stand out. The watch finds a perfect balance between being toned down and still looking lively.

No Gimmick Lume

Yes, the Night Sight has a full lume dial that is very reminiscent of the Timex Indigloes many of us loved as children.

Such a statement might have you believe this is a childish feature on the watch. Yet, the lume used here is perfectly suited for those using the watch for its intended adventurous purposes.  And when on the wrist, the watch still has a very mature vibe as seen through it’s quality fit and finish. It also helps that throughout the day, the lume makes way for a sandy-coloured, well-executed dial that pairs perfectly with the black case.

Simplicity Works

Speaking of the dial, it is one of the simplest, most “get to the point” (pun intended) dials I’ve ever worn. The contrast between the colour of the hands and the dial colour as well as the use of large, blocky numerals for the 3, 6, 9, 12 layout means amazing legibility throughout the day.

Perfect Fit

Even with all those great features and design cues, at the end of the day, wearability plays a huge role in how one judges a watch. In this case, the Norqain Night Sight comes up aces. On my 7.5 inch wrist, the watch wears exceptionally well. The 40mm width hits that sweet spot of measurements while the 13.25mm thickness seems to disappear on this DLC case.

Overall, after spending some quality time with the Night Sight, I’ve formed a better picture of Norqain, the brand. The watch comes off well and even as it’s arguably the boldest of their designs, it’s still a great indicator of what they can do. In the ever evolving and competitive landscape of watches, such bold statements are key to a brand’s growth and its perception among buyers. Add to that the quality manufacturing seen in this offering and I feel Norqain have established a strong foundation upon which a great brand can be built.