Cartier Crash merch is becoming as impossible to snag as the watch Cartier Crash merch is becoming as impossible to snag as the watch

Cartier Crash merch is becoming as impossible to snag as the watch

Zach Blass

How can you tell when a watch begins to transcend the collecting community? Is it when unfathomable queues form outside a boutique as we saw with the Swatch x MoonSwatch? When musicians flock to a particular reference or mention a brand name continuously in their songs? Sure, those are two really strong signs. But, perhaps, one of the latest signs that the presence of a watch extends past its diameter into broader popular culture is when unofficial merchandise paying homage to it starts selling out as well. And right now, Cartier Crash themed merch is doing just that.


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I personally snagged an Andafterthat x Dimepiece Crash shirt for this very reason. My odds of owning a Crash, especially after its record-setting performance on Loupe This, are less than zero short of discovering I have a forgotten crypto-wallet full of bitcoins. These days you need to be Kanye West or Tyler the Creator to be able to secure one. So, if I cannot wear it on the wrist why not wear it on a shirt.


That being said, the collaborative shirt above has since sold out and the ship has sailed on buying many other forms of Crash merch as well. Madison New York is one such company capitalizing on the growing popularity of watches, giving those in and outside of the niche collecting community an opportunity to wear a hot watch – just not on the wrist. At the time of writing this, their t-shirts and caps, in multiple colours, have since all sold out.


The only merch left standing is a sage Crash Crewneck, which is now on sale – dropping down from $58 USD to $48 USD. If the other items are indicative of the inevitable, you may want to jump on the chance to purchase one before it is too late.

Obviously the quantities being sold here are not on par with larger brands like Nike or Uniqlo, that is not what I am implying here. But to see such nicely targeted clothing selling out like crazy has to be indicative, at least in some ways, that the Crash is having a pretty huge moment right now – even beyond the wrist.