5 of the best graduation watches that’ll have you doffing your cap 5 of the best graduation watches that’ll have you doffing your cap

5 of the best graduation watches that’ll have you doffing your cap

Buffy Acacia

Watches are perfect for milestone celebrations, not just because you can wear them every day, but because they symbolise the passing of time. Graduation is an important step at any phase of life, whether it’s finishing high school or finally getting that degree as a mature-age student. From the moment you graduate, the effort you’ve spent in education has changed you as a person. Realistically, you could choose any watch to be your celebratory gift, but here are some we think are especially appropriate.

Seiko Presage Style 60s SSK015

seiko ssk015 presage style 60s wrist

A Seiko was bound to be on this list, not only because of the Japanese company’s respected history, but also the renowned quality, and affordable prices. If you’re coming straight out of college or university then you probably don’t have a lot of cash in the bank, and a Seiko is as respectable a choice as any other pricier brands. The SSK015 is a particularly beautiful reference, and one which provides the benefit of a highly-useable GMT complication for keeping track of a second time zone. The calibre 4R34 has been a fast fan-favourite among Seiko enthusiasts, and its implementation in this 1960’s-style watch is an absolute treat. The blue details shine out in contrast to the silver backdrops, making for a sumptuous and sophisticated look in a sleek 40.8mm package. Price: US$625

Nomos Club Campus 38

nomos club campus 38 blue purple

Not only is the Nomos Club Campus 38 purpose-built as a reward for tertiary education, but it’s also one of the most emblematic releases from this esteemed German brand. There are plenty of eccentric details to latch onto, from the California-style hour markers of Arabic numerals above and Roman numerals below, to the array of vibrant dial colours available. But, it’s still simple enough to blend in with any outfit. You could pick a colour which evokes your field of study, or simply one that you’d be happy to wear for the years to come.  Either way, the complimentary engraving on the caseback will give you the space to record your exact achievement. The 38.5mm case is comfortable on most wrists, as is the 48.9mm lug-to-lug length and slender 8.5mm height. It’s water-resistant to 100 metres for swimming suitability, and the in-house Alpha movement is hand-wound with 43 hours of power reserve and a 3Hz beat rate. Price: US$1,650

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Chronograph H

Hamilton Intra Matic Chronograph H H38429730 Lifestyle 3

True connection with mechanical watches comes through interaction, and there’s nothing better for interaction than a manually wound chronograph. From the click of the crown to the clunk of the pushers, you’re reminded that this is a piece of machinery operated without any digital aids. Its twin-register layout is aesthetically classic and functionally useful, and you’ll find yourself reaching for it whenever you need to time yourself cooking, parking, or just for fun. Each time, you’ll also remember your study achievements. Hamilton, while originally an American brand, now make some of the best value Swiss watches on the market, and the calibre H-51 chronograph movement with its 60-hour power reserve is fantastic for the price. The 40mm steel case and 100-metre water resistance also ensure a certain longevity in line with its rugged, retro-sports appearance. Price: US$2,195, available from the Time+Tide Shop and Melbourne Discovery Studio

Fears Brunswick 40 Copper Salmon

Fears Brunswick 40 Copper Salmon wrist 2

Although a graduation watch should have a strong sense of formality, there’s nothing stopping you from seeking out something sporty. The Fears Brunswick 40 Copper Salmon hits so many sweet spots, from the Art Deco-style sector dial and cushion case, to the 150m water resistance and sturdy steel bracelet. It’s inspired by an archival piece from 1924, and yet it would still look fantastic having acquired a lifetime of scratches from constant wear. The alternating polished and brushed surfaces further emphasise its versatility, while the salmon colour sets it apart as something to be noticed and admired. Fears is a small brand with a brilliant story behind it, and celebrating the underdog is something to which every student can relate. It has a 40mm diameter which feels masculine but compact, and it’s powered by the automatic ETA 2824-2 which will surely be affordably serviceable for as long as watchmakers exist. Price: US$4,740, available from the Time+Tide Shop and Melbourne Discovery Studio

Longines DolceVita 18k

Longines DolceVita Green 18k

Marking success with a gold watch is an old tradition, and not one which needs to be reserved for retirement. If you haven’t been ravaged by student debts, then the latest versions of the Longines DolceVita collection in 18k gold are a fantastic option for the full experience of tasteful luxury. Whether your tastes swing towards the vivid green, the smoky grey, or the more traditional silver guilloché dial, this is certainly a watch which can grow old with you and never go out of style. Its modest 20.5mm x 32mm case has a vintage-accurate elegance, but the heft of the 18k gold case reassures you of its quality. Longines may be one of the oldest and most-respected Swiss brands, but it remains one of the most accessible, and there are almost no other solid gold watches with such lavish yet tasteful design as this one at a similar price point. The Swiss quartz movement aids this point of affordability, as well as accuracy, longevity, and convenience. Price: US$4,750