Hailing from the German watchmaking centre of Glashütte, Nomos are famous for their minimalist and modernist designs.

HANDS-ON: the Metro neomatik Champagner – a new look for Nomos


For many years, the Nomos recipe for watchmaking success was straightforward: take clean-yet-quirky dial details with a few dashes of colour, set this against a neutral black or white backdrop and wrap the whole thing into a steel case. Not the most groundbreaking approach, but it’s certainly been effective in helping Nomos – once the definition of ‘a watch lover’s watch brand’ – grow in popularity to the point where it’s now an increasingly important player. Of course, with growth comes the need to evolve and innovate. And so, in the past few years Nomos has been busy on both fronts, developing the Swing System and slim new neomatik movements, as well as experimenting with precious metals (on the Lux and Lambda) and some new colour schemes (though to be fair, they’ve dabbled palette-wise before, but typically with their limited editions). The somewhat teutonically named Metro neomatik Champagner is a perfect example of this ‘new Nomos’, powered by the impressive neomatik DUW3001 movement and decked out in soft champagne tones, with popping neon highlights originally seen on the ‘First Edition’ series. (In fact, the only discernable difference between that limited series and this regular production model is the shade of the ‘neomatik’ dial text.) A… Read More

NEWS: Jimmy Smits’ favourite watch brand is Nomos Glashütte, according to Brooklyn Nine-Nine


We’re big fans of German brand Nomos Glashütte here at Time+Tide, and we know there’s a lot of love for them out there in the wider watch world, too. What we didn’t know is that Jimmy Smits is into them – or rather that his character Mr Santiago is, in the most recent episode of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In a cameo that nicely references his NYPD Blue role, Smits plays the father of Amy, love interest to Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), who shares his daughter’s obsessive love of detail and organisation. Jake, eager to impress his girlfriend’s dad, compiles an extensive dossier of research on him, which is where Nomos comes in. Here’s how it goes down: Mr Santiago: So, do you have a favourite watch maker? Jake: I do, but I actually have to run to the bathroom real quick. (Jake runs outside to consult his binder) Jake: (flipping through binder) Watches… gotcha! (Jake runs back to Mr Santiago) Jake: I guess if I had to pick one watch, it’d be Nomos Glashütte – it’s a German company based in Saxony… speaking of which I think I dropped a bit of a Glashütte in the baño. Steer clear. Props to the screenwriters for… Read More

MY WATCH STORY: Felix’s Nomos Club Automat


This watch story is a little different from most because, well, I’m talking about one of my own watches. It’s one that, since I bought it just over 18 months ago has come to dominate my wrist (in between review watches of course) – a Nomos Club that has become quite special to me. Why this one? I’ve been a big fan of Nomos for a long time, obviously because its watches look good, but also because it has such great integrity as a company. Initially I was drawn to the dressy looks of the Orion, but once I had the opportunity to review it back when I was writing for Hodinkee, I came to realise it wasn’t the watch for me –  too small for my wrist. Which led me to this. The Club is one of their older models and, until they released the Ahoi, it was also their sportiest. I knew from my experience with the Orion that the 36mm manual version would be too petite, and I prefer the cleaner no-date look, so that left the 40mm automatic version. What makes it special? Well, I picked this up from a Spanish seller, and didn’t realise until I received it that… Read More

INSIGHT: Visiting the Nomos manufacture in Glashütte


I didn’t know much about Nomos when I told Time+Tide I was going to be in the Glashütte area. They did minimal watches. They did some in-house movements. The Time+Tide team seem pretty into them. That was about it. Still, there was enough intrigue to put my hand up for a tour of their facilities, if one was possible. This was quickly arranged by the good people at Nomos. I was off. First, a bit about me. If the name looks familiar it’s because I’m Andrew’s brother. He’s been into watches for years but I’m new to this thing and at this stage I’m coming at it more from design and style than anything else. But I’m already feeling the pull. I have a growing list of ‘grail watches’ sketched on the blackboard of my mind and am forever drawn to a love story – in people and in business. When people and business combine, it can make for a glorious dance, as their story and dedication to an ideal are intertwined, making it nearly impossible to pull them apart without destroying both. The only other thing I knew about Nomos was that they had something going on with their story… Read More

NEWS: Nomos announces the neomatik First Edition

Nomos neomatik Minimatik champagne

Overnight Nomos dropped 10 new references – five models, each executed in a white dial with blue details or a champagne dial with neon orange highlights – that represent a significant update of their core lines. The new collection is called the neomatik First Edition and, besides the new dials and updated cases, the big news is that all 10 are powered by Nomos’ slender, completely in-house automatic calibre, the DUW 30001 – a movement that, incidentally, cost around 15 million Euro to develop. It’s unusual for a brand to make such a big announcement outside of Baselworld, but Nomos isn’t your typical brand. In fact, they promise they’ll have yet more new neomatiks for Baselworld 2016 – as a result, the neomatik First Edition will only be produced in 2015. So, get them while you can.

MY WATCH STORY: Lex’s Nomos Club


There aren’t a lot of Nomos’ in Melbourne – so when I spotted one on the impeccably styled coffee and fashion filled Instagram of @mrgumbatron (AKA Lex) I knew I had to get a closer look. A few emails later we met at Patricia, one of the most ‘Melbourne’ café’s imaginable – down a lane, no chairs, and great coffee. If Nomos was a café it’d be Patricia, clean design and hipster cool. What’s your watch: It’s the Nomos Club ‘dunkel’ When did you get it? I got this watch second-hand, off a gentleman who was buying a Nomos Orion. And I actually met him here to buy it (at this point it should be noted that Lex did not choose the venue) so it’s a pretty small world. Why this one? To be honest the Club never really was my first choice. I was always into the Tangente. But there’s something about the Club that grows on you, it’s a little bit retro, a little bit sporty. But what I really love about Nomos as a brand is how understated it is, as well as the design philosophy behind it. What’s next? I’d love to track down a Tangente Toki… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Nomos Minimatik


 The story in a second: The new Nomos Minimatik is a slim and elegant watch in classic Nomos style. The most impressive thing about it is the new DUW 3001 movement that makes it tick. If you came here looking for our expert and erudite opinion on the brand new Nomos Minimatik I’ve got to apologise in advance – because I’m going to spend a good chunk of this article talking about the least visible aspect of the watch – the movement. The Minimatik is a big deal because of the DUW 3001 movement that powers it. It’s Nomos’ second movement (and first auto) featuring their new completely in-house escapement, the impressive swing system that they introduced last year. It comes in at a super slim 3.2mm high, but also manages to be robust and reliable enough to meet chronometer standards. No easy feat for a mass production movement. The DUW 3001 will be the new Nomos workhorse. Flexible enough to comfortably fit inside the slimmest dresswatch, or to form the base for whatever complications Nomos can come up with. This is the movement that will elevate the brand from well respected and slightly quirky German indies to industry powerhouse in the… Read More