Trendy, sharp, or otherwise fashion obsessed? These watches are for you Trendy, sharp, or otherwise fashion obsessed? These watches are for you

Trendy, sharp, or otherwise fashion obsessed? These watches are for you

Buffy Acacia

If you think that wristwatches are tools, simply worn to perform the task of telling the time, then I’m afraid you’ve fallen for some hyper-masculine marketing. There was always a fashionable element to them, even when we didn’t have smartphones with better accuracy than the vast majority of quartz watches. Maybe you are the type to just throw a watch on like a T-shirt and jeans, but if you’re a little more considerate of your fashion, here are some watches that will let people know.

Cartier Tank Must Black Lacquer

Tank Must de Cartier Black

Cartier is one of the few ‘fashion brands’ who receive universal adoration from watch enthusiasts. That may be due to their long history of watchmaking, even releasing what is debatably the first wristwatch in a modern sense, or it could be for their reputation of quality. In any case, their penchant for eccentric case shapes and traditional dial elements makes them a highly fashionable brand. The Tank is an eternal classic of watch design, and this particular reference is a perfect lesson in simplicity. There are no dial markings, as the hands and logo seem to float in a sea of abyssal black lacquer. It’s a rather artistic rendition of the watch which references some of their 1980s models, and black of course goes with everything.

Price: A$5,600 (Large model)

Casio LF20W

Casio LF20W series

Fashion isn’t about spending lots of money, it’s about thought and consideration. Whether you’re going through charity shops, luxury malls, or even making your own clothes, you are weighing up your options and making an aesthetic decision that reflects your own style. The Casio LF20W series was launched last year, and is based on the Twin Graph AE-20W watches from 1986. It’s phenomenally cool in a series of chalky colours and fits in with a lot of different streetwear, skater,  and Y2K styles. And even though it’s a relatively new release, the sold-out hype has died down and you can already find some pretty juicy discounts from third-party retailers.

Price: A$99.95

Maen Manhattan 39

Maen Manhattan 39 2

Good fashion will allow you to blend in, but great fashion will always stand out. The Maen Manhattan 39 is based on a rare Vacheron Constantin model from the ‘70s called the Royal Chronometer, but it’s been freshened up with contemporary specifications and four vibrant dial colours. The integrated bracelet and funky case shape scream 1970s, but the Côtes de Genève pattern on the bright dials gives off a certain refinement. It’s the epitome of the ‘beach to boardroom’ stereotype, backed up by 100m of water resistance and an ETA 7001 hand-wound mechanical movement.

Price: US$1,120

Louis Vuitton Tambour

lv tambour range

Six months ago, a Louis Vuitton Tambour appearing on this list would have been met with scoffs. Now, it is a serious consideration. While the old models mostly capitalised on the brand cachet and sourced inexpensive movements, the whole catalogue has been gutted in favour of a high watchmaking attitude. The Tambour’s stylistic elements are still intact, albeit refined, such as the drum-shape case and high-contrast Arabic numerals. The perfect dimensions of 40mm x 8.3mm are met with the delightful wearability of an integrated bracelet, effectively removing the importance of lug-to-lug length altogether. There are several variations released already, but the steel case and blue dial version would be a powerful choice to wear daily.

Price: A$31,000

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik Petrol

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik Petrol

Fashion and art are intrinsically linked, so watches that take a lot of inspiration from artistic movements are bound to be highly fashionable. Nomos have a design language that is drenched in the German style of Bauhaus, and that’s led it to an identifiable look that is invaluable to a brand. The Club Sport Neomatik has a lot going for it. The inclusion of a stainless steel bracelet makes it versatile with clothing, the 200m water resistance means you could even take it diving, and the 37mm diameter with a 47.7mm lug-to-lug ensures that it’s a gender-neutral option for anyone to enjoy. The Petrol dial is hypnotic, with its sunburst texture exploring deep tones of blue, grey, and green.

Price: A$4,410