Dress watches that are unlikely streetwear champions Dress watches that are unlikely streetwear champions

Dress watches that are unlikely streetwear champions

Borna Bošnjak

We’ve all seen iced-out Royal Oaks and Datejusts on the wrists of Supreme-donning hypebeasts, but every once in a while, we’re surprised by the flash of a slim, two-handed piece hiding underneath oversized cuffs. While there is certainly a predominant brand in the sector of streetwear dress watches, I firmly believe that there are other potential winners for the trendsetting elite.

Cartier is clear

Cartier Crash on the wrist of Tyler, The Creator. Image courtesy of Goldberger

The brand with one of the most curious glow-ups has certainly been Cartier. They now offer watches fitting for virtually every occasion, save for maybe the most rugged of scenarios, as there is incredible demand for every new release, whether it be a quartz, entry-level Santos or a Privé Collection Cloche.

Kanye with his Cartier Crash. Image courtesy of British GQ

There is one model that clearly stands out, however. The popularity of the Cartier Crash has exceeded all expectations, and this is at least partly thanks to its cameos on famous wrists. Kanye did it first in 2018, at some point matching with Kim, before the likes of Tyler and Jay-Z started to catch on in the coming years.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

Golden Ellipse 3738. Image courtesy of Sothebys

My first choice takes a similar approach as many Cartier pieces, with a distinct case shape and only two hands. Subtlety is the primary concern, rather than any overt design cues, making it the near-perfect embodiment of stealth wealth.

Nomos Tetra

streetwear dress watches
Nomos Tetra neomatik 175 years of Glashütte

Nomos might seem like a bit of a leftfield choice in this round-up, but hear me out. The Tetra is wonderfully minimal in its design, yet its quirky shape and a host of available colours and sizes would pair perfectly with a casual fit.

streetwear dress watches
Nomos Tetra Divine Spark

The Tetra seems like the perfect dichotomy to the curiously shaped oddity that is the Crash, that the likes of Kanye and Tyler opt for, as its perfectly square case and doubled-up lugs complement the fine printing and slender hands.

Bulgari Serpenti

streetwear dress watches
Bulgari x Rose Serpenti. Image courtesy of Vogue India

The Serpenti could only be the choice of the biggest of ballers. Those who do not fear to tiptoe the line of androgyny, and simply want to rock one of the coolest watches out there. No wonder Zach is a fan.