The Nomos Club Campus Nonstop Red and Endless Blue are fashionably late The Nomos Club Campus Nonstop Red and Endless Blue are fashionably late

The Nomos Club Campus Nonstop Red and Endless Blue are fashionably late

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  • The Nomos Club Campus in Endless Blue is a late, but welcome entry into the Tiffany frenzy of 2020.
  • Club Campus watches can be had in 36mm or 38mm cases, with or without sapphire display casebacks and a free engraving.
  • They’re some of the cheapest Glashütte-made watches you can buy, with prices beginning at A$1,870.

Let’s get real for a second. When Rolex released a new range of Oyster Perpetual watches with brightly-coloured lacquer dials back in 2020, almost everyone was sick of them before a year had passed. Even into 2022, watch brands were still releasing their takes on the elusive Tiffany turquoise dials, and it always felt like a bandwagon move. Last year we had our first period of respite, but now I think the world is actually ready to accept a few more. I was shocked when I saw that the Nomos Club Campus collection hadn’t included these shades of Nonstop Red and Endless Blue before, but I’m sure there are thousands of college graduates who’ll be elated that they’re here.

Nomos Club Campus Endless Blue 1

The Nomos Club Campus is interesting in that it’s not just designed to be a tasteful watch, but also to celebrate a specific milestone. Completing a tertiary degree is definitely a moment to mark with a gift, either to yourself or to a loved one, and there’s nothing better to symbolise the passage of time than a watch. For this reason, the Club Campus is intended to be an entry-level contender of the luxury watch market, specifically a mechanical one. They offer free caseback engraving to further commemorate specific occasions, along with a wide variety of colours and case sizes to suit any ex-student. Here, the Nonstop Red and Endless Blue colours are incredibly vibrant, easily drawing attention to their retro Bauhaus styling. It’s a design which shows that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, and the new colours will likely attract a wider set of customers than some of the more niche colours they’ve released in the past.

Nomos Club Campus Nonstop Red 1

One of Nomos’ signature characteristics is their love of long lugs. While they do give the watches a languid elegance which is rarely seen from other brands, you should be careful about what your wrists can handle and perhaps go for a size lower than what you’re used to. That said, neither of the dimensions are overwhelming for an average wrist. There are 36mm and 38mm versions, with respective lug-to-lug lengths of 47.5mm and 48.9mm. The larger model is very slightly thicker than the smaller one, with heights of 8.2mm and 8.5mm. They’re water-resistant to 100 metres, so you can feel free to take one swimming. You may want to change out the strap before doing so, because even though the vegan leather velour is technically waterproof, pool chemicals and sea salt may cause some unwanted degradation.

Nomos Club Campus Endless Blue 2

Powering the watch is the Nomos in-house Alpha calibre, which is manually-wound for a truly old-school experience. It’s essentially a reverse-engineered, modified and Nomos-manufactured variant of the Peseux 7001 – a well-loved manual winding calibre. The power reserve lasts up to 43 hours, and the finishing is quite charming with its brushed striping and perlage. You can opt for a sapphire display caseback or a solid caseback, depending on how much room you’d like to have for engraving.

The Nomos Club Campus in Nonstop Red and Endless Blue pricing and availability

The Nomos Club Campus in Nonstop Red and Endless Blue are now available from the Nomos website. Price: A$1,870 (36mm), A$2,060 (38mm)

Brand Nomos
Model Club Campus
Case Dimensions 36mm (D) x 47.5mm (LTL) x 8.2mm (T)
38.5mm (H) x 48.9mm (LTL) x 8.5mm (T)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 100 metres
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Dial Matte red or blue
Bracelet Vegan velour leather strap
Movement Nomos Alpha, in-house, Peseux 7001 base, manually wound
Power Reserve 43 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds
Availability Now
Price (excl. VAT) A$1,870 (36mm)
A$2,060 (38mm)