VIDEO: The top 5 watches of 2021 from $1000-$5000 (Part 2) VIDEO: The top 5 watches of 2021 from $1000-$5000 (Part 2)

VIDEO: The top 5 watches of 2021 from $1000-$5000 (Part 2)

Fergus Nash

The $1000-$5000 USD price bracket is truly the wild west of the watch market, playing host to some watches that overstep their mark in terms of pricing and some that are still absolute bargains at $4999. From microbrands to established big guns, here are five more of the best mid-range watches from 2021.

1. Serica 5303 ($1,200USD)

As part of the New French Wave of microbrands, Serica follows their own path, and it is one of steel minimalism with a particular style that is refreshingly un-categorizable. The mere fact that Serica has only three releases to their name, yet is still instantly recognizable without a visible logo on the dial, is proof positive of their focus. With a military style to their name, this maximalist dial is as quirky as it is a pure sixties dive tool, yet without any sign of homage, and a frankly delicious twist to the lugs. Read more

2. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver

TAG Heuer’s ode to the 1980’s ‘Night Diver’ is a super-stealthy and highly technical beast. Although the original has some James Bond connotations and can still be found for quite affordable used prices, gone are the wimpy 37mm diameter, quartz movement, and outdated jangly bracelet. With a more powerful luminous dial, 43mm dimensions, comfortable rubber strap and the automatic Calibre 5, this Aquaracer Professional 300 is definitely the modern choice. Read more

3. Tissot PRX Powermatic 80


The 80’s renaissance is well and truly here, with the PRX filling watch enthusiasts’ heads with neon colours, synth music, and Japanese cars burning rubber. Although the PRX is based on a Tissot from 1978, itself riffing on another waffle-dialled watch of the ‘70s, it perfectly captures the vibe of integrated bracelet watches which reached their peak in the ‘80s, and does so with excellent value considering the quality and that 80-hour movement.

4. Kurono Chronograph 2

Although its name may not be the most creative, the second chronograph release from Kurono is undoubtedly a masterclass in watch design. Its mix of piano black and dark brown sectors provides a warm yet sophisticated base for the intricate detailing that makes up the printed lines and text, and its 38mm case ensures timeless proportions that could fit just about anyone. The Seiko NE86A column-wheel chronograph is a great movement choice too, rarely seen but widely loved. Read more

5. Tudor Black Bay Time Only

The everyday watch. We all search for it. The ultimate watch with unparalleled versatility. Meet the one possible solution. Available in three size options and with a dial that should work perfectly with any strap, the watch makes a strong case for being at home in any environment. And should that environment be a Vegas swimming pool at 2am, it has 150m of water resistance to boot.