Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword: #6 “Iconic Collections” Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword: #6 “Iconic Collections”

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword: #6 “Iconic Collections”

Zach Blass

Welcome to the Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword! Each week we post a new crossword for you to solve with clues that revolve around a particular watch-focused theme. Knowing that most of you come to the site each day on your mobile phones, we settled on having 10 total prompts – enough clues to solve while also being manageable on a train ride to work.

The platform is very easy to use. You can either tap on a given prompt, or an individual box, to begin typing out your answers and if your input is correct the word will appear in green (wrong and it will appear in red). Many of you expressed that you wanted more prompts each week, but for now we are keeping it at 10. Get all 10 correct, and you are one step closer to winning the weekly “mystery prize”.

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword

Submitting your completed crossword to be eligible for the weekly mystery prize is very simple.

  1. Complete the Weekend Watch Crossword.
  2. Screenshot your completed Weekend Watch Crossword.
  3. Share your screenshot on your Instagram stories or grid with the hashtag #timetideweekendwatchcrossword and tag us at @timetidewatches.

Three simple steps and you are in the running for the mystery prize.

This week the theme is Iconic Collections. “Iconic” is a massively overused term in watch media. But there are collections in the marketplace that can be immediately identified due to their distinguished profiles, aesthetics and heritage. These collections are typically staples of a brand’s catalogue, hero pieces that many collectors seek throughout their collecting journey. They can have distinct functionalities and backstories, or even be known for kicking off particular trends. Go on and test your mettle below, and don’t forget to share your completed crosswords for a chance to win the “mystery prize”. Good luck!