Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword 2022 recap part one (#1-14)

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword 2022 recap part one (#1-14)

Zach Blass

One Sunday morning, I was sitting on the couch having a New York Times mini-crossword race with my brother. It was a pretty close battle, luck of the prompts really, where he got caught up on one of the clues allowing me to come from behind and complete it before him. But in the silent down time, as I waited for him to finally arrive at his last word, I thought to myself “what if there were crosswords dedicated to watch enthusiasts?”.¬†It was a friendly competition between twin siblings, and as the home of watch culture we are always eager to find ways to make watches fun for everyone. Like popping open a Snapple, and peering at the underside of its cap, crosswords are a great way to learn while having fun. With so many terms, names, references and styles to remember, what would be better than having a horological-focused crossword to test your knowledge and keep watch-related terms, facts, and figures fresh in your mind. Thus, the idea for the Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword was born. With the year coming to a close, below is every Weekend Watch Crossword we published in 2022.

For our first ever Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword, the theme is “complications”. Let us know if you think the puzzle below is too complicated for you ūüėČ.

This week the theme is notable names in watchmaking and horology, last names to be exact. We won’t fault you for “cheating” and looking up one or two, this puzzle definitely steps things up a notch. Ok, enough chit-chat. On your mark, get set, go!

This week the theme is all things Grand Seiko. Think you know everything about the brand? Test your Grand Seiko knowledge below!

This week the theme is “WATCHing Movies”. If, like the Time+Tide team, you are constantly pausing the movie you are watching at home to try and clock the timepiece on an actor’s wrist, then this crossword is definitely for you. Each of the watch spotting related prompts in this week’s crossword have all been covered in articles posted on the site, so, if you find yourself stumped, you can search for the answers right here on Time+Tide.

This week the theme is “Do You Speak Watch?”. Within #watchfam, we have our own enthusiast dialect of English. This crossword is all about various terms you would hear at a watch meetup, so if you are just getting into the hobby, or are looking to introduce a friend or partner into the watch community, this puzzle is a great primer. Consider yourself a veteran enthusiast and collector? Well then, let’s put your horology lover badge to the test below.

This week the theme is Iconic Collections. “Iconic” is a massively overused term in watch media. But there are collections in the marketplace that can be immediately identified due to their distinguished profiles, aesthetics and heritage. These collections are typically staples of a brand’s catalogue, hero pieces that many collectors seek throughout their collecting journey. They can have distinct functionalities and backstories, or even be known for kicking off particular trends. Go on and test your mettle below!

This week the theme is Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022. Just how much have you been paying attention to our Watches & Wonders coverage? If you have read our collection overviews, watched our video coverage, or spent the week on Watchville taking in all the new novelties, than this puzzle shouldn’t be too challenging. Good luck!

This week’s crossword digs into watch listing terms, the phrases we commonly find in online listings for various watches – which can sometimes be vague or confusing for less experienced buyers. Test your mettle below, or discover more about the buzzwords that watch dealers typically utilise.

There are definitely more than 10 of them, but for this week’s crossword let’s see how well you know German watch manufactures that deal in varying levels of price points. Good luck!

Independent watchmaking presents some of the most exciting offerings the watch world has to offer today. Try your hand at the below, and find out just how well you know your independents.

In honour of Zenith’s exhibition “Master of Chronographs” that was held at Phillips in NYC, what better time than the present to ensure we understand this legendary complication. Test your chronograph knowledge in the crossword below!

The heart of any watch is the calibre inside of it. This engine, which we refer to as a movement, is aptly named considering it is often what horological nerds find the most moving thing about a watch. In honour of this key component of a watch, below are ten prompts which will require you to determine the manufactures behind some of the most legendary calibres ever made.

Think you know many of the terms used to describe a movement’s finishing and aesthetic? Test your mettle below.

Editor’s Note: For the first time, another Time+Tide¬†team member is taking the reigns of the Weekend Watch Crossword. Borna is challenging your knowledge in the world of¬†micro brands. Test your mettle below.