VIDEO: Hublot’s Prancing Pony

VIDEO: Hublot’s Prancing Pony

Nick Kenyon

At Baselworld 2019, Hublot released a new chronograph in partnership with Ferrari that looked almost un-Hublot. We had become so used to recognising the hard angles and faceted cases of the brand founded by Carlo Crocco that the flowing curves of the newest Classic Fusion were staggeringly svelte in comparison, and suddenly appealing to an entire new part of the watch-loving community with the Hublot Ferrari GT.

Here, we take a look at two examples from the new collection, examining in more detail the partnership between Hublot and Ferrari, and how this relationship has made its effect felt on the collection. Available in either King Gold, 3D carbon or titanium, the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT collection offers something totally visually different to the brand’s stable, while still delivering the shared R&D with one of the finest car manufacturers ever.

Hublot Ferrari GT

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT price

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT, in titanium is limited to 1000 pieces and is $28,400 AUD, in King Gold is limited to 500 pieces and is $50,000 AUD, and in 3D Carbon is limited to 500 pieces and is $35,100 AUD.

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