The three watches Ricardo wore most in 2022 – Grand Seiko, MoonSwatch and Tudor The three watches Ricardo wore most in 2022 – Grand Seiko, MoonSwatch and Tudor

The three watches Ricardo wore most in 2022 – Grand Seiko, MoonSwatch and Tudor

Ricardo Sime

This will go down as the year that completely changed my life. From growing my passion for watches. To balancing life as a writer and father. All while trying to find myself as a collector. I’ll probably look back at it all in amazement. If simply for the fact that I didn’t throw my hands up in the air, keep my G-Shock, and call it all quits. But jokes aside, this was quite an amazing year. And as I look back at all the moments that made it up, I’m reminded of the timepieces that buckled up for the ride. Here are the three watches that got the most of my wrist time.

#3 Tudor Black Bay Steel M79730

Tudor Black Bay Steel

Ol’ reliable.

Officially the oldest watch in my current collection, with all the battle scars to prove it. Knocks, bumps and the occasional “son test” have somehow added to its look. A look that says “I’m a tool watch’s tool watch. I’m not here to look pretty or moonlight as a dress/casual watch. I’m here to fix broken things, get scratched and get wet”.

Beyond the toolish appeal, I always find myself reaching for the Black Bay Steel because of the monochromatic aesthetic. Those colours work well with a multitude of straps and NATOs. Which leads to a morning experience where odds are, it’s the easiest choice. That’s why it’s number three on my list.

#2 MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter

MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter

I remember standing on line, in Midtown New York City, waiting to buy a MoonSwatch. A line consisting of different people, from different walks of life. There were randoms who saw a line and jumped in, flippers looking to make a quick buck and hypebeast types on the prowl for the next hot thing.

But at the same time, there were people in the line with their Speedmasters and some familiar faces from local watch meetups. Because at the end of the day, this release peaked their interest as well as mine.

And as it happens, for years, I had this on again / off again relationship with the Speedy. The MoonSwatch came along and simplified that relationship, reintroducing this fun aspect to the watch that made it instantly desirable. It also was a situation where my passion for watches intersected perfectly with my son’s passion for space. So, though I struck out that night of the launch, I found myself getting one, at retail, a few weeks later. And since then, I’ve enjoyed getting every bit of wear out of it as possible before it eventually gets passed down to my boy.

#1 Grand Seiko SBGM247

Grand Seiko SBGM247

The Grand Seiko that grabbed my attention and never let go. The SBGM247, with its ever-changing green dial, was a watch I couldn’t take off this year. If you know me, the fact that it dominated my wrist time shouldn’t be surprising at all. It got to a point where the watch became synonymous with me. A calling card of sorts, that announced my arrival before I could get a word in.

From the reasonable case size to the mixture of brushed and polished surfaces, it perfectly represents what I currently admire in a watch. And though that may change, the watch would still be a beautiful snapshot of my life right now. A snapshot that will be with me for a long time.