MB&F - Maximilian Büsser & Friends

One of the leading lights of independent haute horlogerie, Maximilian Büsser began MB&F in 2005, continually collaborating with a wide range of ‘friends’.

INSIGHT: 11 reasons MB&F matter (even if you’ll never own one)

Charris Yadigaroglou 3

Recently we were invited to Sydney as guests of The Hour Glass to the hotly anticipated launch of MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) Horological Machine 6, aka the ‘Space Pirate.’ In our conversation with MB&F Head of Communications Charris Yadigaroglou we discovered a watch brand almost like no other. Writing up the interview I was struck by the role a brand like MB&F plays for the wider watch industry. Their ability to live free creative lives – and start their creative process at a wild, completely pre-rational idea, instead of working around the limitations of a watch movement – leads to a singular and unique stream of watchmaking. We walked into the meeting room in the Sydney CBD office curious, if not a little skeptical, and walked out supporters. Rather than just write up the interview, I decided to pen a list of reasons that MB&F matter. All 11 of them….  11 REASONS MB&F MATTERS 1. THEY HAVE A FLAGSHIP BOUTIQUE THAT SUMS UP WHO THEY ARE, WITHOUT WATCHES. “The MAD gallery has become huge, much bigger than we ever expected. We didn’t expect so many people to come into the gallery and we didn’t expect people to actually buy any pieces. When we opened… Read More

INTRODUCING: The MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon (For translation, see below)


Ok. If you’re not down with Swiss independent horology the above headline might not make to much sense. What’s MB&F? CarbonMacrolon? The only acronym that might be in your mind is W, T & F. Which is valid. So let’s break it down. MB&F is short for Maximilliam Büsser and Friends – a very boutique Swiss independent company famous for it’s short run projects, often cherry-picking some of the industry’s best and brightest to work with (that’d be the ‘Friends’ part of the equation). The watches of MB&F aren’t your typical timepieces – they’re hard to pigeonhole, but if I had to I’d put them anywhere, it would be in the ‘fantastic sci-fi inspired sculptural statement piece’ space. As for their price-tag, it’s from the future too; in a world far, far away when your mortgage is a distant memory. While the most affordable piece you might get your hands on starts at around the 50k mark on Chrono 24, for a laboured over, painstakingly handcrafted, hand-engraved, pretty much singular piece that brings the art gallery to your wrist you could do a great deal worse. I mean, look at this thing…. Avant garde in watchmaking is often a euphemism for ugly. Not… Read More

FOLLOWER REVIEW: Alberto’s MB&F HM4 ‘Double Trouble’


Name: Alberto Watch: MB&F HM4 ‘Double trouble’ Location of shot Taken through a loupe system iphone camera mount at Baselworld. Why the MB&F HM4? Of all the watches MB&F have done, this one is the craziest! The single piece of carved sapphire that shows off the movement takes 300 hours to craft. They developed the movement and only made like 90-99 pieces. It’s amazing. I really like the looks too – the rivets on the case, the pin up girls. This one is called ‘Double Trouble’, and there’s another – ‘Razzle Dazzle’, they both pay homage to WWII planes.