Luxury mega-brand Hermès has always had iconic staples such as the Cape Cod in their watch collection, and they look set to have even more thanks to their new Slim d’Hermès collection.

IN-DEPTH: We fight over the new grey-dialled Slim d’Hermès


The story in a second With a slender profile, top-notch movement and a dial to die for, the Slim d’Hermès has a lot more going for it than just the name. Hermès might be better known for its much-coveted Birkin bags than high-end horology, but the Slim d’Hermès looks set to change all that. First unveiled in 2015, the watch has evolved this year with two new dial variants in slate grey and blue – and when we tried to assign this piece, both Ceri and Felix wanted it, and wouldn’t let it go. Our first solution was to let them wrestle it out on the office floor, which would have produced some compelling video footage, but then we remembered we’re grown-ups. So, instead, here they are comparing notes on how the French house’s confident, characterful timepiece might well be the start of a new chapter when it comes to fashion brands playing in the watch world. The case Felix Scholz: Hermès has made a few interesting watches in their time, notably the Dressage L’Heure Masquée, Le Temps Suspendu and the Arceau – and the super-straight Slim plays it safe in comparison. This isn’t a bad thing. Prior to the Slim, I’m guessing the largest market for Hermès watches would have been people who loved the… Read More

INTRODUCING: The Hermès Slim d’Hermès collection


The story in a second: Big luxury houses like Hermès are making impressive moves into high-end horology, with mature collections like the Slim d’Hermès. In the weeks following the Baselworld fair a lot of people have asked me a variation on question “what was the best watch of the fair?” I can’t in all honesty answer this question as no single watch stood out. So I tend to twist my answer a little and say what I was most surprised by. I was very impressed by the ‘fashion’ brands at Baselworld. I don’t use this word to demean the watchmaking of brands Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, but rather recognise that watchmaking is not their core business. But, as I’ve learned this doesn’t mean they don’t take it seriously. Case in point is the brand new collection from Hermès, the Slim d’Hermès. The brand new line emerged fully-fledged, with strong offerings for men and women at a range of price points. The design of the Slim d’Hermès is well done too – conservative enough to appeal to a wide audience, and unique enough to be able to be clearly Hermès. The mainstay of the collection is definitely the time only… Read More