The world’s watch media unites to support our Australian bushfire crisis watch auction The world’s watch media unites to support our Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

The world’s watch media unites to support our Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

Andrew McUtchen

To say that we’ve been humbled by the support we’ve received from our peers in the watch industry would be understating it. Discovering, through this crisis, the depth of feeling others have for our country, our people and our wildlife has been truly unforgettable. A searing, life-affirming experience. If I could choose one quote to sum it up — and I’m spoiled for choice here, as so many carefully considered, perfectly phrased words were written about the auction — it would be this one by Brice Goulard from Monochrome:

“For once, all together, we can let our love for watches go a long way further than our wrists. We can make our passion be a solution to raise funds to help a cause.”

Well, we’re just a couple of days into the auction, and the passion of our little cohort has already resulted in more than $100,000 Australian dollars worth of donations. What can I say, but a heartfelt thank you. If we were all in a bar, the drinks would be on me, including spirits — and that would be expensive, knowing some of the drinkers in this wolf pack.

In addition to the generosity, the craft and the skill on show as this talented cohort has come together for a cause, there has also been hands reaching into pockets. Or, more accurately, hands reaching into our businesses’ safes where we keep our watches. Hodinkee donated a sold-out Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition for Hodinkee. Fratello donated one of just 29 of their exclusive Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase models, Monochrome donated the Alpina in the mix and the Revolution team from Singapore donated an Oris for Revolution Divers Sixty-Five ‘Honey’.

Hodinkee – Watch & Act! Online Auction Launches In Aid Of The Australian Bushfire Crisis

by Stephen Pulvirent

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

Hodinkee have been a huge supporter of the “Watch & Act!” charity auction since its inception, both in their help spreading the good word, and their tremendously generous donation of one of their most popular limited edition releases to date. As Stephen Pulvirent pointed out in his article, the auction is exciting as it sees the watch community pulling together to fundraise for an important cause, but the watches on offer are also impressive, including a newly released Zenith that may be the first delivered anywhere.

Fratello Magazine – Fratello × Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase Joins Watch & Act Auction

by Robb Nudds

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

Another important supporter of the “Watch & Act!” auction has been Fratello Magazine, who have also generously offered a limited edition piece to the line-up that is no longer available, presenting an opportunity to pick up a genuinely rare watch. Huge thanks to the entire Fratello Magazine team.

Monochrome – WATCH & ACT! – Together with Time+Tide, Help Fight the Australian Bushfire Crisis With Great Watches To Be Auctioned

by Brice Goulard

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

“Hundreds of fires, all around Australia,” Brice Goulard grasps the scale of the catastrophe that the land down under is currently facing. The folks at Monochrome have donated a ‘Full Black’ Alpina 4 Manufacture Flyback Chronograph to the auction to help the fundraising effort, as well as writing an impressively thorough review of all of the lots on offer.

Watchonista – Watch & Act! — The Watch World Unites For An Auction In Aid Of The Australian Bushfire Crisis

by Josh Shanks

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

The great team at Watchonista have helped spread the word about the “Watch & Act!” auction, wishing bidders luck and reminding everyone registered to hold an *internet* paddle that Oris, the only brand with two watches up for sale, are no strangers to supporting the environment. Dig deep and good luck.

Quill & Pad – Australia Is Burning: Time & Tide Watch & Act Charity Auction To Aid To Bushfire Crisis

by Elizabeth Doerr

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to Elizabeth and the team at Quill & Pad for their work in spreading the message about the current crisis that Australia is facing, and how the watch community is doing their bit to help.

Gear Patrol – WATCH & ACT! All Proceeds from this Watch Auction Will Go Toward Helping Fight the Australian Bush Fires

by Oren Hartov

Australian bushfire crisis watch auction

The folk at Gear Patrol are kept very busy covering just about everything interesting and exclusive, but they have still taken the time to show their support for the “Watch & Act!” auction and what it means to our community. Thanks deeply to Oren and the rest of the team.