FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever

Luke Benedictus

There’s a necessary change of format to this week’s Wind Down because we’ve discovered the worst thing in the watch world ever. Admittedly, there’s some pretty stiff competition out there in a nefarious scene full of flippers, fakes and 4 o’clock date windows. But a forthcoming auction at Bonhams really takes the horological biscuit.

The auction house is selling off a single owner’s collection of 11 Rolex Submariner “Hulk” watches. These timepieces are essentially identical save for the fact that they were each made in advancing years from 2010 right through to 2020. The watches are all being sold with their original boxes, papers and receipts with the bidding starting at $28,500 a pop.

So what makes this sale so aggravating that I almost want to gnaw off my own kneecaps in frustration? It’s the simple fact that not one of these 11 watches has ever actually been worn.

Countless watch lovers out there would’ve no doubt loved to have snagged one of these watches that became increasingly challenging to buy at retail over the years. No doubt, there are even people for whom a Hulk would’ve been something of a grail watch. Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed collector has used their advantageous position to snaffle up this precious haul. And that’d be fine, if they then proceeded to enjoy them. But what’s clearly happened here is the watches have been joylessly banished to a safe to keep them in pristine condition and maintain optimal re-sale value.

Keeping a beautiful watch unworn in a safe is a tragic case of wasted potential. Plus it also deprives genuine watch lovers of a true source of delight. Bonhams auction is sufficiently exasperating to provoke a rage worthy of a certain green-skinned superhero. But there’s a moral lesson in this sad, sad tale: don’t be a safe queen – let your watches experience the life for which they were made.

Have a good weekend. Unless you’re hoarding green Submariners, in which case, I hope you have an absolute stinker.



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Wrist shot of the week: Clay of the day

We’ve rhapsodised over the fun of watching the the winding rotor of the M.A.D.1 RED in action. But what I like about this post from @miguelsealabra is the way he’s matched the colour of his watch to the red clay of the court. Presumably, come Wimbledon, he reaches for a green dial to synch with the grassy surface. What then for the green and blue courts of the US Open? May we suggest a MoonSwatch Mission to Earth.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Green

Anyone interested in watch movements will be intrigued by Borna’s story this week about the Powermatic 80.  So it only feels right to celebrate a watch that houses this calibre, in this case the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Green, a terrific value proposition on an integrated bracelet. Read the review here.

Price: $1,050 AUD. Buy it now at the Time+Tide Shop.

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