HANDS-ON: The Oris Rectangular has all the right angles and a welcome pop of colour HANDS-ON: The Oris Rectangular has all the right angles and a welcome pop of colour

HANDS-ON: The Oris Rectangular has all the right angles and a welcome pop of colour

Ricardo Sime

During Dubai Watch Week, as I found myself entertained by the travels of deputy editor Zach Blass, I found it a bit difficult to keep up with all the releases. Dozens of watches seemed to cross my screen on those late New York nights. In all my perusing, there was one watch that still managed to grab my attention. It was a small, rectangular watch that was coming out of Hölstein. It wasn’t the first time Oris was releasing a watch like this, but something felt different. Different enough for me to jump at an opportunity to check out the Oris Rectangular collection in person. Here’s what you need to know.

Rectangular Collection

The Case

Rectangular White Dial (Case)

The Oris Rectangular watches come in – yes, you guessed it – a rectangular shaped case. It floats in the grey area between dressy or casual, something reaffirmed by the 30 metres of water resistance, the non screw-down crown, and the heavy use of polishing.

As far as measurements go, the case is 25.5mm by 38mm, with a 10.2mm thickness. This is unlike any of the rectangular models that Oris released in the past. In addition, earlier this year, after spending months in a Tank watch phase, I’ve become fluent in the wearability of these square-jawed cases. So with the Rectangular in hand, I immediately noticed this new size fits somewhere between a Large and Extra-Large Cartier Tank Must. Add to that the Art Deco curves of the case and the watch fits like a dream on my 7.5 inch wrist.

Finally, I get the classic smaller size look of a Tank without feeling like I’m starring in Honey, I Shrunk the Watch.

The Dials

Rectangular Red Dial

Beautifully displayed behind a domed, inner AR-coated, sapphire crystal, are the four different dials of the collection. There is a deep red (pictured above), a white, a blue and finally, a dark greyish green. All done in a shiny lacquer that looks great in sunlight.

Rectangular Green Dial

In terms of design, we get a continuation of the Art Deco styling of the case, with a classic sunburst aesthetic seen so often in architecture from the 1920s and 30s. It radiates from the centre, and is made from the minute, hour and seconds track. Tucked in quite inconspicuously on that seconds track is a date window at 6 o’clock. As much as I would have liked to see the watch with no date at all, to me, this is the best they could have done with one.

The Movement

Rectangular (movement)

Powering the Oris Rectangular collection is the Oris 561. This movement is based on the ETA 2671. It’s used on many automatic watches that are advertised towards women, due to its size. Though much smaller than it’s larger siblings, the movement still features a quickset date and beats at 28,800 bph.

On the Rectangular, the Oris 561 sites behind a mineral crystal glass and bares the brand’s customary red rotor. Beyond this, the movement doesn’t have much in terms of decoration. Though I feel a bit of perlage or Geneva striping would have gone a long way, I’ll gladly take the +/-4 seconds a day performance instead.

The Straps

Rectangular Yellow Strap

Each watch within the Rectangular collection comes on a colour matched leather strap (except for the white dial, which has the yellow strap pictured above). These straps are quite comfortable as well as pliable. The quick-release spring bars used here already have me dreaming of mixing things up. Blue dial with a yellow strap. Red dial with the green strap.

My only issue here is the use of an odd numbered lug width. This means a 19mm strap that tapers down to around 15mm. Though 19mm leather is easier to find nowadays, it still narrows down your aftermarket strap options.

The Verdict

Rectangular (7.5 inch wrist)

Rectangular watch options are few and far between in todays market. Especially if you’re looking for something automatic. Add to that sizing options that are either too big or too small for those of us in the 7 to 7.5 inch range, and it really is slim pickings. Yet, with the Oris Rectangular, for the first time, I’ve found a rectangle watch that fits perfectly on my wrist. I know there are those who will disagree with me but I’ve had enough conversations to know that I am not the only one who’ll feel this way.

I also appreciate the fun use of colour within the collection. It opens up an almost endless list of possibilities. Dress them down for the casual look or dress them up for that special outing. Anyone who decides to get an Oris Rectangular will have quite a versatile piece on their hands.

Oris Rectangular Price and Availability:

All four versions of the Oris Rectangular are now available for purchase via the Oris website and their authorized dealers. Price: $1,950 USD