Micro Mondays

MICRO MONDAYS: Charlie Paris introduces the Alliance 68H and Phase de Lune
MICRO MONDAYS: Fleux Watches revives the 1960s with two vintage-throwback divers for less than $500 each
Sherpa recreates the original EPSA Super Compressor case
MICRO MONDAYS: The Stella Ellis is a stunning GMT with traditional sensibilities and contemporary looks
MICRO MONDAYS: Blok Watches make a tough watch specially designed for kids
MICRO MONDAYS: The Horizon Pilgrim is a diver inspired by drama on the high seas
MICRO MONDAYS: The Circula AquaSport GMT is a funky diver with ’70s swagger
MICRO MONDAYS: The MALM Air Wolf Viggen is a modern pilot’s watch with a Swedish twist
MICRO MONDAYS: The triumphant story of the Fears Brunswick
MICRO MONDAYS: The William Wood Fearless is the brand’s first field watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Baltic Aquascaphe Classic is a modern diver that oozes vintage style for a startlingly good price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Artel Rotec Sky Series combines ’70s bravado with Art Deco chic
MICRO MONDAYS: The Le Jour Delmare delivers a 1970s-inspired dive watch for a great price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Canopy Wake One is an affordable luxury diver with Goldilocks dimensions
Our favourite Micro Mondays from 2022: Part 2
Our favourite Micro Mondays from 2022: Part 1
MICRO MONDAYS: The Peren Nera Rogue BW is a keenly priced dive watch with a stealth-driven look
MICRO MONDAYS: The RZE Ascentus GMT delivers serious bang-for-buck in a titanium case
MICRO MONDAYS: The Funder Måne delivers a modular moonphase collection in a single watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Vario Versa is two-faced in the best possible way
MICRO MONDAYS: The Trafford Watch Co. Crossroads
MICRO MONDAYS: The Varon Chiri Blazer is a dressy everyday watch for a remarkable price
MICRO MONDAYS: With a design that’s clean and serene, the Wolter Classic lets every detail breathe
MICRO MONDAYS: Our favourite watches from the past 6 months
MICRO MONDAYS: The GANE Type D is deceptively simple yet utterly distinctive
MICRO MONDAYS: The Maen Hudson 38 GMT shows the value of gradual evolution
MICRO MONDAYS: The Dumoreau DM02 is designed by an award-winning architect and it shows
MICRO MONDAYS: The Manime La F is a watch dedicated to the theme of friendship
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Circula ProTrail is a high-tech field watch combining toughness and style
MICRO MONDAYS: The Hemel HFT20 Series delivers affordable pilot’s watches with a real attention to detail
MICRO MONDAYS: The Orator Sportsman Diver is the resurrection of a forgotten ’60s gem
MICRO MONDAYS: The Olto-8 Infinity II is a high-octane extravaganza of a watch
MICRO MONDAYS: Julian Michaels’ new releases show the value of breathing space and balance
The Baltic x Peter Auto Tricompax is a racing chronograph with retro swagger
MICRO MONDAYS: The CIGA Design Blue Planet won a GPHG award, yet is still surprisingly affordable
MICRO MONDAYS: The RZE Valour 38 delivers a titanium field watch for under $300 USD
MICRO MONDAYS: The Retter 22 channels the style of Vacheron’s iconic 222
MICRO MONDAYS: The Monchard Skytrain Telemeter Chronograph
MICRO MONDAYS: Bold and experimental, the Angles Chain of Time is a truly maverick watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Circula Supersport delivers a reimagined Super Compressor diver at a great price
MICRO MONDAYS: Put your zest foot forward with the new Vaer A3 Atlas Orange
MICRO MONDAYS: The timeless design and affordability of the Waldan Heritage Collection
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Wolkov W22 shapes up with a truly innovative design
MICRO MONDAYS: The Genesis collection from Adam Benedict can actively help you to feel less stressed
MICRO MONDAYS: The York & Front Burrard combines military vintage with contemporary style
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Biotic Formicidae delivers an original field watch inspired by (wait for it…) ants!
MICRO MONDAYS: The Sovrygn Calendar delivers multiple complications and a super-fresh look
MICRO-MONDAYS: The AERONOM AeroOne is a street-tough brute of a watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Artel Rotec V2 offers futuristic watchmaking at an accessible price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Makina Gabriel delivers singular looks at a bargain price
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Audric Strider is a stylish diver with hefty wrist presence for under $600 (if you’re quick)
MICRO MONDAYS: ROYTER expands its custom offerings with the DR-02 Chrono Sport
MICRO MONDAYS: The Maen Manhattan 37 delivers an integrated-bracelet watch at a bafflingly great price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Galvin Watch Company Loimu is a funky-dialled sporty watch at a great price
MICRO MONDAYS: A Double Drop with the RZE Resolute 2022 and RZE Resolute Supercompressor
MICRO MONDAYS: MW Timepieces and the musically inspired Legatodiver
MICRO MONDAYS: Get red-faced and bronze-cased with the William Wood Valiant Bronze Ruby
MICRO MONDAYS: The Héron Gladiateur delivers tough, Spartan looks elevated by a cracker of a bezel
MICRO MONDAYS: The Cyberpunk 2077 x Błonie watch
Gane takes on minimalist design with the Type C
MICRO MONDAYS: Australia’s border is (finally) opening up again. To celebrate we’re looking back at one of our favourite microbrand GMTs
MICRO MONDAYS: Horon Watches makes a splash with the Ocean Hunter, a collection of 300m divers at an affordable price
MICRO MONDAYS: Gravithin delivers a stellar performance with the ArgoMatic Series