MICRO MONDAYS: A Double Drop with the RZE Resolute 2022 and RZE Resolute Supercompressor MICRO MONDAYS: A Double Drop with the RZE Resolute 2022 and RZE Resolute Supercompressor

MICRO MONDAYS: A Double Drop with the RZE Resolute 2022 and RZE Resolute Supercompressor

Ricardo Sime

RZE has always created watches that complete the checklist of even the most fervent microbrand fan. Exotic and robust materials. Specifications that place them at the top of their price range. And interesting designs that build upon classic categories. Yet, with that being said, the brand refuses to rest on its laurels and have decided to enter 2022 swinging with two new releases. Here are the RZE Resolute 2022 and the RZE Resolute SuperCompressor.

RZE Resolute 2022 “C3 Full Lume”

The first watch we’ll focus on is the RZE Resolute 2022, an evolution of the previous Resolute field watch. The original sharp-edged and multi-faceted titanium case has slimmed down to 40mm, with RZE also finding a way to trim down the thickness to a svelte 10.5mm. The case has been treated with RZE’s UltraHex™ coating to protect from scratches.  Lug-to-lug remains the same at a compact 46mm. As for water resistance, that is still a “dip in the pool” safe 100 metres, thanks to the screw-down crown at 3 o’clock.

One subtle difference that you might not notice until holding the older and newer Resolute side by side is the bezel. It seems to have gotten thicker, giving the watch a more commanding and balanced look.

Overall, these are small changes looking to refine an already robust and aesthetically pleasing watch.

RZE Resolute 2022 “Candy Pink”

Moving in from the case, RZE has created an Explorer-esque 3-6-9 dial. It’s a classic look that promptly places the Resolute in the everyday wear category of watches. Broader hands as well as large indexes and numerals also do much to aid in legibility.  And with a date window no longer located at three, the watch’s symmetry is simply divine.

Even while making these drastic changes to the dial, RZE still managed to create five versions that should keep everyone happy. There is a fumé Artic Grey. A Candy Pink. An all-white C3 Full Lume. A deep, rich fumé Forest Green. And finally, a bright Medallion Yellow. All five dials of the Resolute 2022, with their grainy texture, are highlighted perfectly against the darker, bead-blasted, grey tone of the case.

RZE Resolute SuperCompressor “Medallion Yellow”

For the Resolute SuperCompressor, RZE makes use of the same 40mm x 46mm titanium,  UltraHex™ coated case. But other specifications have changed. We now have two screw-down crowns, one located at 4 o’clock and the other at 2.  Water resistance also sees a nice bump up to 200 metres.

Another major difference is the thickness. That has grown to 12mm. This has much to do with the authentic SuperCompressor mechanism located behind the caseback. For your reference, a SuperCompressor watch, as it reaches deeper and deeper depths, has a spring mechanism that creates a tighter seal around the internals.

RZE Resolute SuperCompressor “Kevlar Black”

For the dial, RZE has added an internal rotating bezel with 12 hour markers. This should allow you to track a second time zone and can even be used as a makeshift diving bezel. It sits behind an inner AR-coated sapphire crystal that can be found on all resolute watches in these new collections.

As for colours, we get the SuperCompressor in four options instead of five. There is the Glacier White with a white centre, the Medallion Yellow, q Kevlar Black, which is black with orange highlights, and finally, a Sky Blue with white inner bezel and a blue centre dial.

As with the Resolute 2022, these dials have no date window, providing a clean time-only aesthetic.

RZE Resolute SuperCompressor “Glacier White”

Once past the case and the dials, you’ll find the RZE Resolute 2022 and RZE Resolute SuperCompressor are both powered by the same movement: the Miyota 90S5. Compared to the SII NH35A movement used on the previous Resolute model, this has a higher beat rate of 28,800 bph. Its diameter is a bit smaller. The power reserve gets a bump up to 42+ hours. And the rate is -10 to +30 out of the factory compared to the -20 to +40 of the NH35A.

Overall, it’s a nice step up from its predecessor.

RZE Resolute 2022 “Forest Green”

To round out the package, one has the option of getting the Resolute 2022 on the amazing UltraHex™  titanium bracelet, which is bead blasted as well. Or, on a canvas strap with titanium hardware and reinforced rivet strap holes. Both have a nice taper from 20mm at the case down to 16mm at either the buckle or clasp and both compliment the ruggedness of the watch very well.

For the Resolute SuperCompressor, your only option is the titanium braclet.

RZE Resolute SuperCompressor ” Sky Blue”

After dissecting both offerings, it’s hard not to say that RZE has struck gold once again. It’s two more offerings that emphatically demonstrate how the brand continues to bring watches to market that are over specced and highly competitive in this current market. If you’re looking for a casual everyday watch with just enough flair in its design, the RZE Resolute 2022 is a great option. If you’re fascinated by the SuperCompressors of the ’60s, but want something modern with a complication you’d make use of, the RZE Resolute SuperCompressor is a strong contender. Both watches are worth your time and attention.

RZE Resolute collection pricing and availability:

Both the RZE Resolute 2022 and the Resolute SuperCompressor are currently available for preorder on the RZE website. The initial pricing is $399 USD for the Resolute 2022 on strap and $499 USD on bracelet. For the Resolute SuperCompressor, initial pricing is $599 USD.

Made in partnership with RZE Watches. However, the opinions expressed in this article are our own in accordance with our Editorial Policy.