MICRO MONDAYS: Gravithin delivers a stellar performance with the ArgoMatic Series MICRO MONDAYS: Gravithin delivers a stellar performance with the ArgoMatic Series

MICRO MONDAYS: Gravithin delivers a stellar performance with the ArgoMatic Series

Ricardo Sime

The stars and navigation have always been linked. As a year progresses, certain constellations command the night sky, aiding those at sea with navigation. On a nightly basis, the position of the Big Dipper constellation can even help a navigator estimate the time of night. It’s this relationship, along with a Greek myth, that inspired microbrand Gravithin’s second collection: the ArgoMatic Series.

ArgoMatic Black Sea

This new collection, as well as the first collection from Gravithin, were both inspired by the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. In that myth, Jason and his crew sail on a ship called the Argo. From that myth, the Argo Constellation was formed. It would be the largest constellation in the sky, with more than 160 stars. However, it was so large, it was eventually split apart into three separate constellations.

Argo Constellation

With this as background, let’s take a closer look at the different offerings within the new ArgoMatic Series.

ArgoMatic Series – Leather Straps

The ArgoMatic Series comes in three flavours. We have gun-metal, silver and gold coloured cases measuring in at 42mm with a thickness of 10.7mm.  Each features 20mm hidden lugs, as well as an elliptical case, which means the lug-to-lug is slightly shorter than 42mm width. All three cases are rated to 50 metres of water resistance. Finally, the watches have been given a sand-blasted finish.

Moving in from the case we’re met with two dial variations: the Black Sea on the gunmetal and the Deep Blue on both the silver and the gold. Due to the thin bezel used, these dials take up most of the real estate on the front of the watch. When coupled with the underside AR-coated sapphire crystal, all the intricate details of these dials become viewable from multiple angles.

ArgoMatic Lume

When you notice those details, it’s hard not to admit that Gravithin has created something truly beautiful here. It starts with the sensation of looking up at a night sky full of stars when you first lay eyes on the watch. That sensation increases exponentially when the luminous paint is fully activated. Not including the date window at six o’clock, the cutouts on the sandwich dial become a window to a layer of bright BGW9 Super-LumiNova. What I find remarkable is that even with all this going on, time telling isn’t hindered by this design. From a red seconds hand, to an hour and minute hand with generous amounts of BGW9, Gravithin still gives us a watch that easily displays the time. (Note: on the gold coloured Argomatic, the minute and hour hands are also gold in colour)

ArgoMatic Series Miyota 9015 Movement

Powering this astronomical experience is the tried and true Miyota 9015 movement. Beating at 28,800, it provides the watch with 42 hours of power reserve on a full wind. On the Argomatic Series, Gravithin has given us a very spartan version of the 9015, which we can see behind a sapphire crystal caseback. If there is one area of the watch I wish were different, it’s this. A closed caseback with an engraving or picture of the original Argo ship would have really brought the overall theme home.

ArgoMatic Series – Bracelet

To complete the package, Gravithin has created three leather straps and three bandoleer bracelets. Each bracelet is colour matched to the case and features a butterfly clasp. The leather straps have also been matched to the case however on the silver-coloured version, it’s matched to the colour of the lume. Finally, all straps and bracelets have quick-release spring bars for tool-free changes.

ArgoMatic Series Packaging

Overall, the ArgoMatic series is a step in the right direction for Gravithin. After releasing a quartz watch their first time around, it’s nice to see the brand use an automatic movement. Though I’m apprehensive about the see-through caseback, it’s the dial here that’s the star of the show (pun intended). The way Gravithin designed these sandwich dials and incorporated BGW9 lume perfectly exhibits the look they intended. It’s mesmerising, beautiful and brilliantly executed.

Gravithin Argomatic Series pricing and availability:

The Argomatic Series will be available for preorder on Kickstater in late January. For more information, please visit the brand’s website. Pricing will start at $279 USD

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