9 Dungeons & Dragons races and the watches they’d wear 9 Dungeons & Dragons races and the watches they’d wear

9 Dungeons & Dragons races and the watches they’d wear

Fergus Nash

The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons is at an all-time high, since nerd culture became pop culture and TV shows like Stranger Things boosted sales of D&D starter kits by 250%. If you read my list about watches for goths, I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear I’m a long-term D&D fan, and there was a stretch of time pre-covid that I played at least once a week for two years. Borna already wrote a morality alignment chart for different watch brands that tied into D&D, but here I’m going to pick what each of the main D&D races would wear. Despite my personal favourite races to play being Lizardfolk and Kenku, I’ll stick with the basic nine races from 5e — the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dwarf — Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal Gold

Dwarves are one of the proudest races in Dungeons & Dragons, with ancient ties to dynasties of mining and treasure-hoarding. A watch for a dwarf would need to be able to withstand the rigours of mining, battle, and a 400-year lifespan, not to mention regularly being soaked in copious amounts of ale. The Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal Gold isn’t just a great choice for a lover of bright and shiny objects, but it’s also possibly the only watch which could handle the abuse. Plus, it’s bulky and stout nature would fit right in with the aesthetic of dwarves armour and bulging muscles.

Price: A$1,149

Elf — Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon

With a variety of sub-races including high elves, wood elves and dark elves, it can be slightly controversial to lump all elves together. The main factor which ties them all together is a sense of otherworldliness, as their deep connection to magic and the universe is unfathomable to a human. Although much of Dungeons & Dragons was initially based on The Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien works, D&D elves are not immortal but do live to around 700 years. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon in this pink gold and teal configuration truly captures a sense of bright magic that aligns well with elves, and constellations link them back to the heavens.

Price: A$73,500

Halfling — Citizen FE6011-14A

For the halflings I wanted to choose something as simple as possible, to represent their humble nature. Similar to Tolkien’s Hobbits, the D&D halflings of The Forgotten Realms mostly enjoy isolated settlements with lush vegetable gardens and plentiful, hearty meals. Even the ones who you choose to play and take on daring adventures, would most likely be all to happy to rummage around in garden beds getting dirty between tea and lunches. The Citizen FE6011 echoes this uncomplicated lifestyle, with a nice leather strap which will age well. The Eco-Drive technology also allows it to be solar-charged, connecting further with nature. Plus, the 33mm size should suit their small wrists.

Price: A$275

Human — Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Humans are a relatively new race to the world of D&D, not in gameplay, but in the lore. They don’t have as many specialised talents as other races, they don’t live as long, and they’re one of very few who can’t see in the dark. Despite the disadvantages, their numbers have exploded while building great civilisations through both warfare and diplomacy. Representing the spirit of human innovation, determination and achievement, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional serves with spectacular function and awe-inspiring heritage.

Price: A$11,225

Dragonborn — Casio G-SHOCK x Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition

If you’re familiar with the concept of the dragonborn from Skyrim, you’d probably be shocked to see a seven foot-tall humanoid dragon towering over you. That’s how most residents of The Forgotten Realms react to dragonborns too, struck dumb by the effects of their draconic heritage. They do not have wings or tails, but they can certainly breathe fire if you’re fool enough to cross one. It might be playing a little too far into stereotypes, but I couldn’t think of a more suitable watch than the G-SHOCK x Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition GA110JDB-1A4. The bulky red case would fit right in with their scales, and can likely handle heat better than most watches.

Price: A$399

Gnome — Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze

Differing from halflings in both age and temperament, gnomes are filled with a certain joie de vivre which brings them out from their underground dwellings to explore the world. As cheerful souls and hard workers, gnomes tend to have great reputations in larger settlements, which makes it especially easy for some cheekier individuals to exploit their natural stealthiness. Destined for a long life of accumulating stories, the sage-dialled Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze would accompany a gnome well as its leather strap weathered and the 36mm bronze case collected patina.

Price: A$3,400

Half-elf — Seiko Presage Sharp Edged GMT

Half-elves live a complicated life, never quite fitting in to either side of their ancestry. Many choose to wander the world alone, fearful of forming connections with humans who age too rapidly or elves who develop too slowly. The trade-off is having quite versatile talents, able to find proficiency in just about anything they set their minds to. For a half-elf watch I’ve chosen the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged GMT because I’ve always felt it belonged somewhere in between Seiko and Grand Seiko, while still being an incredible watch in its own right.

Price: A$2,150

Half-orc — Seiko 5 Sports SRPD83

Unlike half-elves who are descended from two well-respected races, full-blooded orcs are classified as chaotic evil monsters, albeit with their own societies and cultures. Half-orcs are the rare result of human-orc marriages that usually come about from peace treaties, and they naturally instil fear into others. With a burning rage within them integral to their DNA, I’ve paired them with the dark, brooding and bulky Seiko 5 Sports SRPD83.

Price: A$550

Tiefling — Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Sang Bleu All Black

If you thought that being a half-orc or a dragonborn would attract a lot of scornful stares, you haven’t considered being descended from the overlord of the Nine Hells. Individual tieflings are by no means inherently evil, but they can often be pushed to extremes purely because of how they’re treated. With an affinity for the arcane arts, tieflings are born with innate magical powers that can mature into summoning hellish flames and spreading impenetrable darkness. Naturally, I’ve paired tieflings with the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Sang Bleu All Black — its geometric complexities echoing an occult hedonism from a brand that receives similarly unjustified hatred.

Price: A$45,800