Renowned for their elegant and refined style, Piaget is an industry leader in ultra-thin watches.

HANDS-ON: 6 decades on and still going strong – the Piaget Altiplano 60th anniversary


Though Piaget has made a lot of noise in the past 12 months with the sporty steel Polo S, the undeniable heart of the collection is the ultra-slim and ultra-sexy Altiplano. Born in 1957 and named for the flat South American high plains, the Altiplano and the legendary caliber 9P that powered it, have become synonymous with thin. This year marks the collection’s 60th anniversary, and to celebrate Piaget has released two limited editions in white gold that speak to the model’s rich heritage. Today we’re looking at the larger 43mm automatic version, though there’s also a manually wound 38mm option. For a watch that slides under the cuff at a mere 5.25mm thin (and a movement that’s less than half that, at 2.35mm), this Altiplano has ample presence on the wrist. Basically, that’s because this watch is all dial. It’s a blue sunburst, which – as you can see from these pictures – shifts from cool grey to far richer tones, depending on the light. Aside from the colour, the dial is an exercise in pure design, with long white gold indices and matching hands. Somehow the elegant printed dial text and pale blue cross hair (another nice nod to… Read More

VIDEO: 5 Things you probably didn’t know about Ryan Reynolds and his watches


You never know who you’re going to bump into in the halls of a watch fair like SIHH. Apart from when you get a tipoff in your schedule that a celebrity will be at a booth at a certain time, and you get there early with your cameraman to make sure you make something happen. Unfortunately in this case the chat was off camera, but the quotes were real. Here are five things you almost certainly (apart from you crazy Ryan and Deadpool fans) didn’t know about Ryan Reynolds on the subject of watches. 5 things you probably didn’t know about Ryan Reynolds and his watches He had a smart watch, but he accidentally smashed it on a wall. Smart watches, says Reynolds, are for “counting calories” and that’s it. He was handed down his grandfather’s watch, which was issued to him as a solder in a World War 2. He says it has a mystical air. He has his daughter’s initials engraved on his watch. His daughter’s name is James Reynolds. He has a criteria for all watches that he buys. They must tick the following boxes: timeless, elegant, functional and flexible. What on earth is SIHH? (The Salon International de la… Read More

HANDS ON: The Piaget Limelight Gala – winner of the GPHG ladies’ watch prize lands in Sydney


Coming face-to-face with an award-winner can be nerve-wracking. When you’ve watched from afar, seen photographs, read reviews, you’re always curious to know whether things will live up to the hype. These days, after all, it’s spin that makes the world go round. So, yes, the preamble to meeting Piaget’s pink gold Limelight Gala, complete with Milanese bracelet, was understandably tense. This was just a couple of weeks after it had won the ladies’ watch prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) – what if, away from her wintry hemisphere of choice, she wilted under the harsh Australian sun? What if, in this chaotic, exhausting lead-up to Christmas, I mis-shuffled my facial expressions, and instead of a ‘Wow’ dealt out a yawn? I needn’t have worried. She may have been a long way from her Swiss home, but as with all the true divas, there were no signs of jet lag. She was golden. And I don’t merely mean ‘made of gold’ – even though that’s true: 18k pink gold. I’m talking about a radiance that somehow goes beyond the material. Golden like sun-kissed sand. Like maple syrup. Like the light just before sunset on a summer’s evening. Too poetic?… Read More

LIST: 7 different guys wearing the hell out of the Piaget Polo S


When we reviewed the Polo S we were struck by its by its sartorial versatility. To prove our point we looked to Piaget’s own ‘game changers’ – their take on ambassadors – all of whom have completely different personal styles, but who wear the absolute hell out of it, changing its character with their own swag. From Playboy, to nighthawk to black tie and beyond, it’s all here. Bar one. The only look not covered, sadly, given the cocktail dress code of the launch event, is a polo. We’ll have to test that out ourselves and let you know. Look #1 – The Playboy – Nacho Figueras Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras epitomises the devil-may-care playboy, the silver-dialled Polo S on one arm is the perfect complement to his casually unbuttoned pale blue shirt (with bonus chest hair). His stunning wife Delfina Blaquier on the other arm seals the deal. Look #2 – The 21st Century Flâneur – Hu Ge We suspect Hu Ge’s effortlessly chic monochrome ensemble is the result of a lot of careful thought and consideration. However that casual geometry paired with those boxy trousers is a strong look. And it’s hard to tell because of the lights,… Read More

IN-DEPTH: Does the Piaget Polo S really change the game?


The story in a second Piaget’s move into the high-end steel sports market surprised many – but how does the Polo S hold up under close inspection? The Polo S caused quite a fuss when it was released. Not only was this steel sports watch far from what most people expect from the reserved Genevan brand, they also released it at a star-studded launch party in Brooklyn – the sort of event you’d expect from the likes of IWC and JLC. And finally there was the style of the watch. Many people in the watch community quickly noted its resemblance to similarly high-end steel sports watches, such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut, and to a lesser extent the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Girard-Perregaux Laureato. But cut away all the drama around the release and what do you have? Well, not to give the game away, but you have a watch to be taken seriously. The backstory Piaget first introduced the Polo back in 1979 and, much like the Nautilus, Royal Oak et al, it was very much an ‘of the time’ design with bold vertical stripes bisecting the case and bracelet. Fast forward to 2009 and the Polo… Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: New kid on the (luxury steel sports) block – the Piaget Polo S


In one of the more unexpected watch releases of the year, Piaget – makers of slender dress watches par excellence – muscled into the crowded and competitive high-end steel sports watch category. The Polo S puts the Geneva-based brand up against popular options such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus (and Aquanaut) models, as well as Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak line. These are some pretty big names, and some pretty hot models. Does the Polo S, with its extraordinary finishing and mercurial dial, hold its own?

NEWS: Piaget announces the steel Polo S – and 9 Game Changers to show it off

Ryan_Reynoldsbr_International_Brand_Ambassador copy

Just minutes ago at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, we were introduced to the full line-up of ambassadors for the new Piaget Polo S collection. As you’d expect having recently signed with the brand, Hollywood star and general winner-at-life Ryan Reynolds is one of them, as is the similarly enviable Michael B Jordan – with the crack team also including big hitters from other markets around the globe, from polo player and pal of Prince Harry, Michael Borwick, to Michelin-starred French chef Jean-François Piège. The Piaget Polo S is a watch we’ve been wanting to see for some time now. Steel. Sporty. Sexy. Piaget has finally entered the steel luxury sports watch market – and in a way entirely fitting with its brand’s heritage. Even though these days it’s known as the king of thin, the original Polo, released in 1979 was a hot property in the ’80s – epitomising the era’s typically opulent take on luxury. The Polo S is far more reserved, the 42mm wide case comparatively slender at 11.2mm, and instead of quartz that powered the ’79 original, the Polo S is running Piaget’s own 1160P calibre. With its distinct bezel and competitive pricing Piaget is clearly hoping  the Polo S will make… Read More