The 5 most outrageous Father’s Day gifts for watch loving fathers The 5 most outrageous Father’s Day gifts for watch loving fathers

The 5 most outrageous Father’s Day gifts for watch loving fathers

D.C. Hannay

So Father’s Day is nearly here, and your dad is a rather diehard watch collector. Now that we’ve sorted out your superhero origin story (the watch nerd doesn’t fall far from the tree), it’s time to find the perfect gift. But, as his collection is pretty comprehensive, the man can be hard to buy for. So what’s a good offspring to do? Not all of us can buy our old man a Patek. How about a gift for the serious watch lover that isn’t actually a watch? I have ideas.

You could always hunt down a one-of-a-kind trinket, like Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s vintage Fabergé gem-set and enamel clock from the upcoming Sotheby’s estate sale, but that won’t happen in time (there’s always next year), so that’s out. Ah well, there are plenty of choices for over-the-top gifting out there, and here are some of the more, ahem, out there.

Honmono Taiketsu figures

First up, we have these witty, watch-centric ‌Honmono Taiketsu vinyl art figures by Fools Paradise. Think of them as a sort of Funko POP! for the watch aficionado. These clever collectibles keep the horological puns coming fast and furious, and who doesn’t love a good Dad Joke? Choose from an assortment of Foolex Panda figures, including the clever Newmanesque “Paul Panda” , a literal panda with a Daytona-like panda dial face, or the Muppet tribute “Cookie Blue” that resembles the Rolex “Cookie Monster” Submariner. There are several different choices on the site, but they are limited, so get a move on, junior.

Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer released a coffee table book that was an actual coffee table? Well here’s a table clock that’s also a table, albeit a sight more pricey (US$125k, to be exact) than something from the Kramerica Industries catalogue. The Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock is a fully functioning replica of the aforementioned watch, at 20x scale. This slightly mad art piece was realised by Colombian sculpture artist Pedro Costa, and yes, you actually adjust the time via the crown. The movement is electromechanical with a 144-hour power reserve, and the entire sculpture weighs 220 pounds. As each one is made to order, you’ll need to contact Corum to reserve your dad’s new favourite coffee table. Just make sure you use a coaster for that drink.

Döttling Luxury Safes Legends No. 149

Dad may already have a watch box, but it’s probably a safe bet (sorry) that he doesn’t have one constructed from a 250-year-old vault discovered in Monza, Italy. The sky’s the limit for customers of Germany’s Döttling Luxury Safes, and the Legends No. 149 is one of their most outrageous creations. Given its 18th Century origin, not only is this vault an impressive artistic and engineering feat, it’s been refitted to include the latest smart security features, including an “intelligent defence system”. The interior is fully configurable and can include luxurious burlwood cabinetry, watch winders, a humidor, and even a built-in cocktail bar. Price is, of course, upon request.

Tiffany & Co. “Time for Speed” Race Car Clock

Here’s a gift that not only makes the highlight reel for watch fans, but gearheads too. Resembling a 1950s race car, Tiffany’s Swiss-made Time for Speed Race Car Clock combines Dad’s love for motoring with all things horological. A brushed stainless aperture on the side shows the hours and minutes, while the mechanical escapement and balance wheel are viewable under a helmet-shaped glass dome in the cockpit. And of course, the 15” aluminium body boasts automotive paint in everyone’s favourite FOMO-inducing shade of blue. Not quite extra enough? You can also order the clock accented with brilliant-cut Tiffany diamonds for a mere US$215,000.

Origin Times Bugatti Big Block Winder

Speaking of motoring gifts, it doesn’t get much cooler than this watch winder from Origin Times. With a sticker price of six figures, you’ll need deep pockets, but how baller is a winder made from the 16-cylinder engine block of a Bugatti Veyron? The power unit of the world’s most famous hypercar serves as a canvas for its German designers, with a total of 16 winders (one for each cylinder), all controlled by a programmable touch panel that can control the speed and rotation of each individual watch. Come on, the man taught you how to drive. It’s the least you can do.