Bamford & seconde/seconde/ team up for their rudest watch yet, the B347 BAD MOF’R Bamford & seconde/seconde/ team up for their rudest watch yet, the B347 BAD MOF’R

Bamford & seconde/seconde/ team up for their rudest watch yet, the B347 BAD MOF’R

Jamie Weiss
  • The two cheekiest characters in the industry team up for a second uncouth collaboration
  • The BAD MOF’R follows their BAD FORM GMT, which featured a similar two-fingered salute
  • A middle finger-shaped chronograph counter lets you know exactly what this watch is about

We often talk about watches being ‘statement pieces’, but what about watches that are actively offensive? Erotic watches and automatons have a long and obscene history, for example, while some brands like Mr Jones Watches trade on subverting expectations. Some brands make watches that are unintentionally offensive, too, like Invicta…

Bamford London x seconde seconde B347 BAD MOF'R bad form
Editor’s note: this is what we call “continuous design”.

But there’s no ruder figure in modern watchmaking than Romaric André a.k.a. seconde/seconde/, who’s gained a cult following in recent years for ‘vandalising’ watches with irreverent designs, such as a fitness watch that tells you to “get your ass moving, bitch”.

Last year, Romaric teamed up with George Bamford – another famous watch customiser and kindred spirit – on the BAD FORM GMT, which featured a Churchillian two-fingered salute in place of a second hand. Now, the pair have doubled down and come up with the B347 BAD MOF’R… Which they’re releasing on World Kindness Day. Touché.

Bamford London x seconde seconde B347 BAD MOF'R

Based on Bamford London’s B347 Titanium Monopusher Chronograph, this “Superabrasive Chronograph” bastardises the Bamford name into “BAD MOF’R” (a further corruption from ‘BAD FORM’) and features a chronograph minutes counter shaped like a middle finger, which will slowly and openly mock the wearer as the chronograph runs. With a bold red sleeve that stands out against the watch’s blue fumé dial, it’s hard to miss.

Unlike other B347s, it omits a date window or running seconds indicator (to let that middle finger really shine)… But actually, the rest of the BAD MOF’R’s design isn’t offensive at all. Its handsome sandblasted titanium case houses a Sellita SW510 MPa movement, operated by a single pusher at 2 o’clock. Monopusher chronographs are widely considered somewhat classy; a sign of higher watchmaking, so it’s funny to have that paired with such a rude motif.

Bamford London x seconde seconde B347 BAD MOF'R side

“I was drawn to Romaric’s work initially because it was so arresting and so liberating at the same time,” Bamford explains. “It’s satirical, but there’s a real joy in it. I felt Romaric was taking the piss out of strained old ideas and bringing us all in on the joke with him. And I just loved that and wanted to know more. Then I met him and knew we had to collaborate.”

“The BAD FORM GMT felt so right and people loved it, so we got talking about a second collaboration straightaway. The BAD MOF’R breaks the kind of taboos that can make the watch space a bit dull sometimes and shows what it can be. Playful, upstart, free. And you can’t ignore it. That’s the amazing thing about it,” he relates.

Bamford London x seconde seconde B347 BAD MOF'R time to educate

“I can’t lie, I like vandalising other people’s stuff, even when George lets me do it,” Romaric says. “People are always trying to control each other and their own lives with rigid conventions, which is a kind of madness when you think about it. With this watch, I wanted to expose that.”

“Is it disrespectful? Sure, if you think those conventions deserve too much respect. Is it offensive? If you can’t see the absurdity that surrounds us, it probably is, yes. George gets that, too, and I guess that makes us a pair of BAD MOF’Rs. I’m really happy with how the watch turned out, and I’m already looking forward to vandalising more of his watches someday.”

Bamford London x seconde/seconde/ B347 BAD MOF’R pricing & availability

The Bamford London x seconde/seconde/ B347 BAD MOF’R is a limited edition of 50 pieces and will be available from 13:00 GMT on World Kindness Day, November 13th. Price: £2,600.

Brand Bamford London x seconde/seconde/
Model B347 BAD MOF’R
Case Dimensions 41.5mm (D) x 14.5mm (T)
Case Material Titanium
Water Resistance 100 metres
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Dial Blue fumé, ‘vandalised’ 30-minute counter with middle finger-shaped hand
Lug Width 22mm
Strap Blue Cordura strap
Movement Sellita SW510 MPa, automatic
Power Reserve 62 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, monopusher chronograph
Availability Limited to 50 pieces
Price £2,600