Founded in 1865 Zenith have a long history of fine horology, including the El Primero chronograph movement.

NEWS: Zenith partner with Distinguished Gentlemen to fight prostate cancer, crowd cheers

Zenith CEO Aldo Magada and Distinguished Gentleman's Ride founder MArk Hawwa.

One September morning each year all over the world, thousands of men wake up early to don their most  dapper outfits, wax their moustaches, and mount their cafe racer motorcycles to ride together through their cities. Their aim? To raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer. On Monday, the roar of engines interrupted the normally hushed halls of Baselworld as a cavalcade of bikes and classic cars announced the partnership between the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and Zenith. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride began in 2012 in Sydney, but its popularity quickly spread internationally. Last year, over 60,000 people in almost 80 countries across the globe rode together on the same day and collectively raised $2m for prostate cancer. And it works – Mark Hawwa, the Australian founder of DGR told Time+Tide that he’s spoken to three people who manned up and had themselves tested as a direct result of awareness created by the Ride who were diagnosed with prostate cancer and are now being treated. And now, Zenith’s support will mean the DGR team can reach out to even more men. “For us, it’s a huge step forward,” Hawwa said. “Partnering with Zenith gives us the assistance to raise more money… Read More

INTRODUCING: The Zenith Elite 6150


The story in a second: If the El Primero is the most significant movement in Zenith’s history, the impressive new Calibre 6150 represents their step into the future. If I asked you, dear reader, to picture a Zenith watch, I’d be willing to bet that 99% of you would imagine a sporty chronograph, powered by the brands famous El Primero movement. The El Primero was a pioneering movement – one of the first (Zenith would argue the first – hence El Primero) automatic chronograph movements developed. Zenith’s marketing department know they’re onto a winner with the El Primero story and have run with it hard over the last few years. But Zenith is more than the chronograph. They’re busy expanding into other market segments, as the elegant Elite 6150 demonstrates. The Elite 6150 is a deceptively simple watch. At face value it’s a slim, simple and super restrained steel dress watch, 42mm wide and 10mm high – with steel, long baton hands and a silver dial. Basically everything is steel, which might make legibility an issue in the wrong light. The Elite 6150 is a classic dress watch, bordering on vintage, but only in the way timeless designs inevitably do…. Read More