Louis Vuitton

Given Louis Vuitton’s iconic luggage collections it is no surprise that their watch collection, such as the Escale Time Zone is designed with the traveller in mind.

IN PRINT: Unpacking the Louis Vuitton Escale Time Zone with Hamdi Chatti


Editor’s Note: At Baselworld 2015, Louis Vuitton brought the heat. Fresh from the resounding success of the Escale Worldtime, the company – under the leadership of VP of Watches and Jewellery Hamdi Chatti – decided to back it up in a way that was both bold and beautiful. To adapt the Escale Worldtime into a more affordable range, but without sacrificing any of the watches significant charm, including that delightfully paint-applied kaleidoscopic dial. We wanted to know everything. We sat down with the devilishly handsome VP to find out. This story originally appeared Viva Magazine.  It’s only fitting that interviews with Louis Vuitton at Baselworld, the world’s largest watch fair, do not take place in a booth at the venue, but rather in a grand residence, a short, chauffeured drive away. The vice-president’s assistant is waiting in the foyer and escorts us up a grand staircase. At the top of the stairs is Hamdi Chatti, wearing a neatly tailored suit and a broad smile. We shake hands and sit down before a small monument of LV travel goods. My first reaction is that I want all of it. The Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, the “keepall”, the watch case in LV monogram canvas,… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Louis Vuitton Escale Time Zone


The story in a second: The Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime made a huge impression at Baselworld 2014 for two reasons. It was so colourful! It was SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE.  LV has frankly shocked everyone by releasing a similar quality piece in steel at Baselworld at a price point that is beyond pleasing. Let me talk freely. I walked into the Louis Vuitton villa pretty much knowing in advance that I would not like the watches. ‘Serious’ watch writers (allow me to slot myself into this pompous shoe, which fits rather well), often find it easy to dismiss brands like Louis Vuitton, that don’t easily fit into the established horological pecking order as well as they do into the damning category of ‘fashion watches’. Even including the cool spinning cubes on the Tambour, sorry. 45 minutes later I walked out of the Louis Vuitton villa a changed man. LV are suddenly making serious, smart and well-designed watches. Their collection is cleverly in line with the brands core DNA, being geared towards the traveller, with GMT and worldtime complications being heavily favoured. Shock, horror, this is horology. And while most impressive of their Baselworld 2015 releases was the 280,000 Euro Escale Minute Repeater Worldtime, that… Read More