The bold, aviation inspired timepieces of Breitling are instantly recognisable and geared for high adrenaline adventure.

UPDATE: Is Robert Downey Jr’s Breitling ‘Pathfinder’ much cooler than we previously thought?


Last night we wrote a piece on Robert Downey Jnr’s watch collection, and we cast some aspersions on his Breitling ‘Pathfinder’. Our initial thoughts were that is was a fake (like his Speedy), because it said ‘Pathfinder’ in suspicious red letters and had an unusual logo on the dial. But then we wondered, to cover all possible bases, could this have been a movie prop piece? Or perhaps a prototype of some kind? After all, celebs get given all kinds of crazy things us mortals could only ever dream of. The plot thickened when a gentleman in the British Army messaged us saying that the Pathfinder Group was an elite group (of 28 men) in the 16th Air Assault Brigade. Turns out that they’re a reconnaissance group who are responsible for marking and clearing parachute drop zones and helicopter landing zones. The logo on the watches dial is likely the insignia of the one of the British Parachute Regiments. If you want to see how tough they are, check this out. Armed with this knowledge, the watch makes more sense. Breitling has a long history of making small batches of custom dials for military units, so, while we can’t find… Read More

EDITOR’S PICK: That time I walked on the wings of a Breitling bi-plane above Sydney Harbour for GQ


This article first appeared in GQ Australia Editor’s Note: All’s well that ends well. I agreed to take a flight standing on the wings of a bi-plane for GQ, on the invitation of Breitling, and clearly I survived. Because I lived to write about it then, by publishing a pithily titled list of ‘5 things you should know…’ before you agree to do it yourself. And, yes, I live to repost it now, many years later. An incident occurred last week that reminded me of the sometimes unorthodox lengths Breitling will go to to reinforce their aviation story and I thought it would be a good time to revisit an experience I’ve had on the topic.  5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WING-WALKING 1. It is the shortest possible route to divorce/breakup Do you have a pesky partner that no amount of subtle or outward meanness can dislodge from your bed/life? Just go wing walking. My wife cried herself to sleep the night before it happened, after pleading with me in the name of reasonableness, on the names of our unborn children and then in a morbid last-ditch effort, by sending me a screen shot of a wing-walker plunging to his… Read More

INSIGHT: 20 years of the Breitling Emergency


There are few watches that live up to their marketing hype, and even fewer that can claim to have genuinely saved lives. Breitling has long been considered the pilot’s watch of choice, but it was the Breitling Emergency that solidified the company’s commitment to aviators and adventurers around the world with one truly unique complication — the personal locator beacon. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, we explore one of the most unique watches ever made. The story began with Ernest Schneider, the man who acquired Breitling in 1979 when it was on the verge of collapse, and kept it afloat during the quartz crisis, thanks to a new generation of iconic Breitling models. An officer with the Swiss Army signal corps during World War II as well as a passionate pilot and engineer, he was involved in discussions at a NATO conference in the mid-1980s about emergency beacons and the high incidence of false activations which cost the relevant authorities significant time and money. It was at these talks that the idea of a watch with a personal locator beacon was born. Following the meeting, Breitling began working with Dassault Electronique to create reliable beacon technology that could be… Read More

INTRODUCING: The Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44


The story in a second: Breitling shave 4mm off their big, bad Avenger Blackbird, making it a whole lot more wearable. As watch brands go Breitling isn’t exactly subtle. It takes a fairly tremendous amount of self-confidence to promote your watch as being tougher, more precise and generally more badass than a freaking aircraft carrier. Confused? Check out the video below, preferably on an big screen with big sound. Sure, the Avenger is probably better at telling the time than the USS Nimitz, but I suspect the Nimitz has the edge on the unleashing deadly payload front. But somehow it works. Breitling make unashamedly bold and masculine watches, and they make them well. Take the new Avenger Blackbird 44, even the name is cool, sounding like a backup character in the latest Marvel movie. But Breitling realise that not everyone has the forearm firepower that can handle a 48mm case (the sizing of the previous Avenger), and they’ve scaled it down to a large, but more manageable 44mm. Everything else is business as usual though – the titanium case with DLC coating backs up the promise of the Avenger’s ‘Blackbird’ claim. Dial and strap are also black, the only accents being the… Read More

NEW MODEL: Breitling Transocean Chronograph Edition


One of the most interesting Breitling collections of recent years is the Transocean. It’s a family that consistently references Breitlings rich aviation legacy, but unlike most Breitlings, the Transocean celebrates civilian flight, rather than military. The result is a watch that is still masculine, but less Arnie and more Bogart. The Transocean Chronograph Edition (we’re calling it the TOC for short) continues this inspiration from the past. The TOC is inspired by a 1958 chronograph – we suspect either a Top Time or a Premier model. Whatever the source inspiration the result is a very fine looking timepiece. The TOC is a two-register chronograph with a sweet two tone cream dial, with applied gold indices and a date at 6. This dial is well complemented by the steel case with pump style chronograph pushers, and we think it looks great on a Milanese bracelet, though it’s also offered on leather. The subtle vintage touches continue the more subdued direction of their Basel collection. Breitling have added a nice touch on the rear of the watch – Breitlings manufacture Caliber 01 movement is hidden behind an officer style caseback, the sapphire display caseback has a protective steel cover. It’s a nice… Read More

NEWS: The Breitling Colt gets a revamp


If you live in Australia and  got your first ‘good’ watch in the late ‘80s or ‘90s – there’s a fairly decent chance that watch was a Breitling Colt. I don’t know if it was a combination of its Top Gun styling or its everyman appeal that just captured the pilot watch zeitgeist. Either that or Breitling in Australia at that time had a really good sales manager. We don’t know, what we do know is that every second wrist at Trinity or Ormond was saddled with a Colt. Well, the heady fashion of the ‘90s is back – kids are wearing 8up Docs again, and we’re only an elastic waistband away from happy pants – so it’s perhaps apt that Breitling have chosen now to revive the Colt collection.   The new Colt range doesn’t stray too far from Breitling core DNA, it’s got the brushed satin finish, the distinctive rotating bezel with raised rider tabs and that classic Breitling bracelet. It comes in chronograph, automatic, quartz and lady versions. The size on the first three has been bumped up to 44mm, and the ladies model comes in at 33mm. All models have COSC certified movements, sapphire crystals and 200m of… Read More


Emergency-II_rescue situation_6

Often, when you’re considering buying a watch you’ll think to yourself, “I wonder who else wears this piece?” We can all see that David Beckham and John Travolta wear a Breitling in the ads, but what about IRL? The watch I’m most often stumped by, personally speaking, is the Breitling Emergency. While its brute size is just plain boss and its functionality reassuring (though in the urban wilds the only emergency I commonly face is – Help, stop. Hungover, stop. Dying, stop. Send Grill’d chips, stop.) it’s the furthest thing from practical for a daily wear. Especially if you don’t have several acres of space under your buttoned cuff. I have a fond memory of Basel 2013. I was trying on the Emergency II in front of Breitling VP Jean-Paul Giardin and trying to get a wrist shot with my cuff covering it just so. JP watched on in amusement as I persisted. After a couple of minutes, he stepped closer and said, “I think we’d better just undo the cuff.” Bye bye cuff. It only made me more curious. Who the hell actually wears one of these brilliant, maximalist machines on a day-to-day basis? Apart from helicopter pilots and safety-conscious gangsters… Read More