Welcome to In The Metal – a distinctly Marcus take on all things watches Welcome to In The Metal – a distinctly Marcus take on all things watches

Welcome to In The Metal – a distinctly Marcus take on all things watches

Borna Bošnjak

“I have a zero-care factor about being a watch nerd, but I love watches”, Marcus Flack, our resident non-nerdy watch lover and Creative Director explains, as we chat about what this new format entails. As the person behind the camera of all of the wonderful fair coverage, and the hands that you see in most of our YouTube videos, he’s had the box seat to observe all the different nuances and details of the watches that come across his desk. “There’s a great deal of people out there with the same attitude that I have. It’s just about the aesthetic, and the universe of building a set along with some photography tips. You’re gonna be able to learn something from watching this series, with a lot of behind-the-scene secrets revealed, too.”

In its pilot episode, Marcus takes a look at the brand new Studio Underd0g Field collection (which you can pre-order in our Melbourne Studi0), telling you exactly why his choice would be what most will consider to be the least novel model. He goes on to tell you about his Tudor Pelagos that featured in a particularly emotional episode of About Effing Time (no spoilers here), before unboxing a mystery box that recently arrived from Glashütte, Germany.

If you needed any more convincing that this series is one to watch out for, how about Andrew’s take on why it absolutely needed to happen? “The reason this show is happening is because, over the last decade, I’ve had weekly conversations with Marcus where he will regale me with lots of information about what the watches we’ve shot are actually like. I’ve found these chats to be illuminating despite reading our in-depth coverage on the site. I get extra information from these chats: how the pushers feel to actuate, how the weight feels in the hand, and these haptic markers about how the watch interacts with you are really valuable. Marcus’ lens would also often pull out different details and nuances to which he has a box seat to observe. Marcus’ voice is a colourful and vibrant one to add to the mix, especially now after his warm reception upon coming behind the curtains of About Effing Time – it felt right, for lack of a better word, to take advantage of this wonderful human being, and a foundational member of the T+T team.”