FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 22nd May, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 22nd May, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 22nd May, 2015

Felix Scholz

Friday Wind Down 9

It’s been another big week in the Time+Tide office. But this week will pale into insignificance compared to next week, our first ever Australian Watch Week. It’s going to be a good one.

What happened.


Well. This just showed up in the office. We got a little excited. We may need to sit down.

Ever wanted to know how to buy a vintage watch? Like, you know, a Jumbo Nautilus. Turns out you should be on Instagram – find out how to buy online and other golden advice over at Wound for Life.

What actually mattered.

Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, founders of Bell&Ross. (Quite possibly)

We discovered that Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, the founding French duo of Bell & Ross have secret identities. Here they are describing their watches….

Now Bell & Ross’ love of flight helmets makes perfect sense…

A brand new complication has been invented. This doesn’t happen everyday. Who needs elapsed time – we’re all about GRILL TIME. This is genius. That’s not a Smart Watch, this is a Smart Watch.


The week in numbers.

825: The number of likes the new Omega Seamaster 300 got on insta. Stay tuned for the full review

339: The number of people of who liked the Snyper watch we posted. You should all be ashamed.

5: The number of Australian watch company founders and owners we’ll be meeting at the pub, as well as some of you, this time next week.

Too many: The number of times Andrew has not-so-subtly dropped his new ‘friend’ George Clooney into conversation.

1: The number times the Bell & Ross gave us the finger.

Have a great weekend! Love you too, Graeme.