We need YOU to answer this survey… We need YOU to answer this survey…

We need YOU to answer this survey…

Andrew McUtchen

No matter where you’ve sat in the arena for the last five years of being into watches, it’s been a wild game. We’ve had unprecedented high scores. Players traded for insane prices. Teams joining together. We’ve had cheating, match-fixing, nail-biting results. And we’ve also had tragic lows. We’ve seen people – no doubt some that you know – chewed up and spat out by the game.

This modern era could truly rival any sporting code for the drama, and if you’ve been watching on with us for this period, there’s no doubt at all that you too have witnessed history in the making, many times over.

And now, we want to hear about it. Your story. Your highs, your lows. Where has it left you on this hobby that we love so much?

As ‘The Home of Watch Culture’, we like nothing more than opening our doors – and knocking on yours – to talk to YOU – the readers and followers of Time+Tide. With our community rapidly changing and growing with the times, we want to check in, reset the room, and get to know you a little bit better with a survey. And we’d also like to show our appreciation for your time in two ways:

1. We’d like to give you digital copies of NOW Magazine Issues 6 & 7 at no charge. Our humble little mag is published twice a year, and each Issue contains over 200 watches, listed from lowest to highest price. I guarantee discoveries!

2. The chance to win a one-on-one shopping spree with me in the Time+Tide Shop with a pretty decent budget of $2500. There’s some absolutely stellar brands to choose from, including Studio Underdog, Baltic, Furlan Marri, DOXA and more. I secretly quite like being a watch consultant, so we’ll have fun. See the survey page for the Ts and Cs.

LASTLY: Allow us a sentimental moment. Because your feedback has helped shape the evolution of T+T over the past nine years. In 2016, you told us to get into videos and YouTube when it was still a bit new. In 2019, you told us not to lose our Aussie tone, as we began to grow into a global business. And in 2023, you told us…. wait, we don’t know that yet.

And we can’t wait to find out.

The Time+Tide Watch World Survey is now closed!

Thank you for being in the game with us, and believe me, we will be reading each and every one of these responses – good luck, may YOU be the one shopping with us very soon!

Andrew, Zach and the team

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