You can now watch the Horage “Chasing Microns” documentary in full You can now watch the Horage “Chasing Microns” documentary in full

You can now watch the Horage “Chasing Microns” documentary in full

Zach Blass

These days there is plenty of watch video content to check out on YouTube and social media, but we rarely get feature-length horological films. I can only name a handful, like The Watchmaker’s ApprenticeKeeper of Time, and Making Time. Over the last month, the independent watch brand Horage has been trickling out chapters of their documentary Chasing Microns on their YouTube channel. Today, rather than having to watch the film as a five-part mini-series, you can now watch it in full in a single video.

Horage explains: “Chasing Microns is a 25-minute documentary into the past and present of Horage with a glimpse to the future. Produced by Eutopia Films with 2023 Oscar Award winning director of photography Niki Waltl. This intimate look into the challenges of independent watchmaking is bound to ignite the watch community.”

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The documentary walks viewers through the story of Horage, detailing the origins of the brand and what led Tzuyu Huang to enter the world of watchmaking and found Horage. You also get to see the backstories of other key members of the Horage team, such as Florian Serex – a veteran movement engineer who was instrumental in the creation of Horage’s in-house K2 micro-rotor movement.

Horage Team Photo

With most watch brands, we seldom get to see the watchmakers behind the scenes. Horage, on the other hand, allows everyone within the manufacture to have their time in the spotlight. The photo campaign above is a great example. Rather than have models or celebrities pose for shots, Horage instead worked with legendary British photographer Professor Brian Griffin to create a campaign that showcased Horage engineers, watchmakers, and staff. Every individual you see above is a member of the Horage team. This photo campaign, along with the Chasing Microns film, are two of many efforts Horage makes to be as transparent and intimate with the consumer as possible – allowing everyone to feel like they are a part of the Horage family.