INTRODUCING: The Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage Chronograph

We don't hear too much about Alpina, but the new Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage Chronograph line is one of the more exciting vintage-style releases this year. This is why. Aside from having three equally appealing dial colour options, the monopusher movement and case geometry adopted by Alpina for this release is particularly noteworthy and makes for a refreshing change from the more common, round-case chronographs that dominate the scene. All three models boast wonderfully angular case profiles and lugs, the…

INTRODUCING: Alpina's Startimer Pilot Heritage – a value-packed GMT with style to boot 

If you think of a pilot's watch, there's a good chance you're thinking of a large round watch, with a black dial and bold Arabic numerals. Well, Alpina's latest, the Startimer Pilot Heritage, ticks none of these boxes, but that doesn't make it any less of a pilot's watch. The design of the Startimer Pilot Heritage owes less to the WWII era that's commonly the reference point for this sort of watch; instead, Alpina has looked to the '70s for…

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