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INTERVIEW: 6 ways Tiffany & Co. plans to conquer the watch market


Imagine this little gem cropping up on an episode of Family Feud: ‘What are you most likely to find inside a blue Tiffany box?’ Right now, we’re willing to bet that if you plumped for ‘a watch’, you and your nearest and dearest might not be progressing all that far in the competition, such is the brand’s dominance when it comes to earrings, bracelets, and rings (oh my). It was with that in mind that we sat down with Mr Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of Tiffany & Co. Watches, when he visited Sydney last week to launch the brand’s decidedly dressy take on a GMT – the CT60 Dual Time. Half-Italian, half-Swiss, he was born into a watchmaking family and ran his own brand, NOA, for almost a decade before he was approached by Tiffany in 2013 to breathe life back into its watch business. Luckily, he likes a challenge. “We have a mindset to overcome, because everyone thinks about Tiffany and jewellery,” he conceded. “We’re working on that, but it’s not going to happen overnight.” Here’s how he plans to get there. Focus on heritage Mr Andreatta didn’t arrive in Australia empty-handed, bringing with him a selection of… Read More

NEWS: Tiffany & Co announce Tiffany CT60 watch collection


The story in a second: Tiffany & Co, the prestigious jewellers better known for love heart necklaces and blue boxes have just announced a new watch collection. This is important news because it comes off the back of a multi-year, half a billion dollar legal battle with industry giant the Swatch Group. Tiffany and watches have a complicated, and expensive, backstory. In 2007 the brand entered into a partnership with the Swatch group behemoth that in essence outsourced the design and production of Tiffany & Co watches to Swatch. Long story short, no-one was particularly happy with the watches, lawyers got involved and years later Tiffany & Co was ordered to pay half a billion dollars in damages to the Swatch group. But as you’d expect with that much money on the table the lawyers are still fighting it out and the damages have not yet been settled. But it seems that Tiffany & Co are now confident enough to get back into watches, and they’re doing so with the Tiffany CT60 collection (a tribute to founder Charles Tiffany) – a range that is sophisticated and assured. On paper the collection looks impressive. Not just because it offers five new… Read More