The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 & 4 ask if you can take a hint The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 & 4 ask if you can take a hint

The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 & 4 ask if you can take a hint

Fergus Nash
  • The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 & 4 continues playing on “if you know, you know.”
  • Emojis have replaced the seconds hands, each hinting at the nickname of the bezel colour.
  • Episode 3 is based on the Timex Q with a quartz movement, while Episode 4 is an automatic M79.

If you’d have asked me a few years ago whether or not emojis would become a mainstream watch trend, I would have landed on a hard, emphatic no. The watch world was conservative at the best of times, but that was before people became chronically online during the 2020 pandemic. Now, the likes of seconde/seconde/ have collaborated with a ton of brands injecting them with playful antics. The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 and 4 are a follow-up from the first batch which were released only a few weeks ago, each featuring a cheeky image in the centre.

timex seconde seconde q timex episode 3 hulk 1

When it comes to seconde/seconde/, there’s no profound artistry or cultural significance to wax lyrical about. Run by Romaric André, they’re essentially just an entity who understand pop culture and know how to incorporate it into watches in unexpected ways. From a watch brand perspective, an official collaboration sets releases apart from their regular catalogue, and affords them the freedom to have novelty releases like this. With the Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 and 4, the seconds hand has been replaced with an emoji that hints at the watch’s nickname. Based on the colours of the bezel, the clues to the nicknames can be obvious, or a little cryptic. Episodes 1 and 2 featured a straw for “Pepsi” and a SLAP! for “Batman”, while the new Episodes 3 & 4 have a green fist for “Hulk” and a burger for “Coke”.

timex seconde seconde m79 automatic episode 4 coke 1

Beneath the modded seconds hands, the watches itself remain as standard Timex models. After the wild popularity of 2019’s Timex Q with a quartz movement and integrated bracelet, they went on to release the automatic M79 in 2020 which also saw a size increase, and a unidirectional ratcheting bezel. With these releases, Episode 3, or the Hulk model, is based on the quartz-powered Q model with a 38mm case and a pressure-fit 12-hour bezel. The Episode 4, or Coke, is automatic and has a dive-style bezel, although the 40mm case isn’t very suitable for diving with a water resistance of 50m. Their lug-to-lug lengths are 44.25mm and 46mm respectively, meaning either model should fit comfortably on an average wrist.

timex seconde seconde m79 automatic episode 4 coke

Aside from the colour differences, there is a difference in the level of dial detail as well. The Episode 3 has rather flat details, honing in on a kind of comic-book style, while the Episode 4 has applied markers and a T-shape within the hour hand. The automatic watch is powered by a Japanese Miyota 8205, which is definitely a budget option. It still has all of the mod-cons such as hacking seconds, hand-winding, plus a decent power reserve of 42 hours running at 3Hz, but it is a bit chunky at 14.5mm. Personally I’d find a quartz watch more appealing when it’s a novelty like this as it’s a bit more reliable, but ultimately you’d choose whichever spinning emoji appeals most to you.

The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episodes 3 & 4 pricing and availability

timex seconde seconde q timex episode 3 hulk

The Timex x seconde/seconde/ Episode 3 and Episode 4 are available now from Timex, limited to 500 pieces of each Episode. Price: A$370, US$199 (Episode 3), A$555, US$299 (Episode 4)

Brand Timex x seconde/seconde
Model Q Timex Episode 3
M79 Automatic Episode 4
Case Dimensions 38mm (D) x 12mm (T) x 44.25mm (L2L)
40mm (D) x 14.5mm (T) x 46mm (L2L)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 50 metres
Crystal(s) Acrylic
Dial Green, black
Strap Steel bracelet
Movement Japanese quartz
Miyota 8205, automatic
Power Reserve Battery life
42 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, day, date
Availability Now, limited to 500 pieces each
Price A$370, US$199 (Episode 3)
A$555, US$299 (Episode 4)