Maurice Lacroix

Since their founding in 1975 Maurice Lacroix has built a strong collection of timepieces, with a strong focus on chronographs and retrograde displays.

NEWS: Maurice Lacroix to be sold by DKSH


Maurice Lacroix is the first casualty of the slowing luxury watch market, with parent company DKSH announcing that the 40-year-old brand is up for sale. DKSH cite the surging value of the Swiss franc, as well as slowing demand in Asia as key reasons for the decision. While it has never been an industry powerhouse, Maurice Lacroix is far from a small company, with an annual production of around 90,000 watches. Most of them are aimed at entry-level, ‘accessible’ luxury consumers. The best option for Maurice Lacroix is that it gets taken under the wing of a larger group, and given the strong designs the brand has revealed in the last two years, we hope someone picks them up sooner rather than later. Or we could always form a syndicate and buy it ourselves… Guys? Source: Bloomberg Image by Kristian Dowling / Time+Tide Images.

 Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity 2015 collection


The story in a
 second: The Gravity was 
a breakthrough hit for Maurice Lacroix last year. This year they’ve tweaked the design and made it
even better. The Maurice 
Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity was a surprise hit in 2014. It presented a new look for the brand that managed 
to infuse an open dial style taken from classic pocket watches, with a contemporary haute horology edge. Maurice Lacroix
 has upped their game with the second generation of the Gravity, offering four models in new case materials and colour combinations. While all are attractive, the 
star of the show is without doubt the blue dialled beauty that pairs classic roman numerals with a sleek black finish. To be completely
 honest this is my favourite variation simply because it’s stunning in real life. I was unprepared
 for just how colourful this watch would be. By rights the black DLC case and
 movement architecture should make this something of a dour design, with
 the blue dials providing only a slight lift in mood. In reality it’s much lighter. The blue lacquer
 glistens in the light, oscillating between midnight and electric blue. Add to
 this the exposed purple of the silicium escapement, glimpses of brass wheels
 and… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Maurice Lacroix Gravity


One of the watches that most impressed the entire Time+Tide team when we saw it at Baselworld was the Maurice Lacroix Gravity (it’s only just starting to his the shops). It’s an impressive watch because it’s so surprising. To be blunt this is not the sort of watch that Maurice Lacroix make – they make crowd pleasing, everyday pieces like the rugged and accessible Pontos – quality stuff to be sure, but not in the realm of the Gravity. To be sure the Gravity is in their top of the line Masterpiece collection, along with whimsical pieces with square wheels and mysterious seconds, but the Gravity is very different beast, the sort of watch that usually has Haute Horlogerie written all over it, and a price tag in six digits. It’s a very sophisticated watch, but one that is (if not accessibly priced), competitively priced, with a US retail of $13,900. What immediately strikes you about the gravity is the dial, or rather the lack of one. The Gravity is a watch that lets it all hang out, movement wise. The front of the watch is dominated by the assortment that is usually hidden at the back of the watch,… Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Time+Tide join James Magnussen’s Movember Team


Time+Tide’s digital producer, Hamish, has joined the current 100m freestyle world champion James Magnussen in Maurice, or rather ‘Mo’rice’ Lacroix’s Movember team, which you can contribute to here. Round of applause, please. This was against the wishes of Hamish’s wife so it’s a genuine commitment and there are genuine (doghouse) consequences. In a brave post today on the official Movember team page, Hamish bid adieu to his “sweet majestic beard” soon(ish) to be replaced by some kind of moustache. Australian Time+Tide followers have also been personally invited to join the team of current and future champions. Do it here.  Thanks in advance for supporting Hamish, and one of the biggest men’s health initiatives in the world. We are proud that Movember started in Melbourne and we’re all behind Hamish and James, whose upper lips were today shaved back to smooth ground zero in preparation for this month’s mo onslaught. But before Hamish joined James’ team, he had some questions. “Due diligence,” says Hamish, “nothing personal.” I mean, what kind of leadership style will Magnussen have? Will there be 4am starts at the pool? Are afternoon naps permitted? Will Hamish’s five-coffee daily regime be ok-ed by the boss? Maurice Lacroix arranged the… Read More

EVENT: James Magnussen wants YOU on his Mo’rice Lacroix Movember Team

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.56.59 AM

THE CALL TO ACTION For the second year running, Maurice Lacroix is mobilising men (and women – or ‘Mo Sistas’ for short) all over the world to join one of their 14 Movember teams, each captained by a local ambassador. ML is the proud timekeeper of the global fundraising event. Australia’s crew will be headed up by serious unit James Magnussen. Time+Tide followers have been personally invited by Magnussen to join the cause. He says: “I am proud to partner with Movember and Maurice Lacroix to raise the profile and contribute to the public conversation around men’s health issues.” The best fundraiser in the team will get more than bragging rights. They will be awarded one of only 14 Ltd Edn Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Divers with an orange Mo inscribed on the dial.   HOW DO YOU GET INVOLVED? Three ways; join or donate to James Magnussen’s Mo’rice Lacroix Movember Australia team or pick up one of the second series of 14 Limited Edition timepieces, which will feature a white ‘tache on the dial and will be sold exclusively on Maurice Lacroix will donate all benefits of the sale to the Movember Foundation. Bravo ML for putting their mo and the money where their mouth is. THE… Read More