Linde Werdelin

Founded in 2002 by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, Linde Werdelin is known for their avant-garde sports watches and highly technical case construction.

MY WATCH STORY: Dane’s Linde Werdelin Oktopus Tattoo


It’s not often you see a Linde Werdelin in Australia – many people haven’t even heard of the brand, never mind seen one – so when we came across a Melbourne-based collector with one, we were excited. When we spoke, Dane Stokes, who describes himself on his insta feed (@the_watch_vault) as a ‘watch collector and serial flipper’, had recently managed to get his hands on a Linde Werdelin Oktopus Tattoo – a watch he’d been dreaming of for years. How did you get into watches? I’ve loved them from an early age. My prized primary school possession was a Marvin the Martian watch, where he shot the seconds out of his ray gun in the form of bubbles. It was awesome. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that one again. As I became older my obsession ramped up, and we all know what a slippery slope this watch business can be. So, what’s in your collection these days? It’s ever-changing, but I have pieces from Anonimo, JLC, Linde Werdelin, Panerai, Sinn and ochs und junior, among others. Impressive. So, tell us about the Linde Werdelin Tattoo. I bought this in late-June. I’d been looking for one for years. They… Read More

NEWS: Linde Werdelin announce the Oktopus Frogman, made exclusively for the Danish Frogman Corps


The story in a second: Yesterday Linde Werdelin announced they are celebrating the Danish Frogman Corps, with the Oktopus Frogman, an exclusive edition of their flagship dive watch. The Danish Naval Special Operations Force AKA the Frogman Corps AKA the Frømandskorpset is a very select club. Since the unit’s founding in 1957 just over 300 men in total have worn the insignia of the elite combat divers. Each diver’s identity is kept secret, and their work involves anything from anti-piracy and counter-terrorism to inspecting the integrity of underwater structures. Not your average office job. Each year up to 600 applicants start the grueling nine-month training course. Less than a dozen complete it. As you can imagine the Frogmen have some pretty intense requirements in a dive watch, meaning Linde Werdelin had to make significant changes to the design of the existing Oktopus. The case has the same shape, but rather than the five piece case construction with finely machined cut-outs the Oktopus Frogman is made from a single, impenetrable piece of titanium. The dial has been simplified too, in order to maximize legibility. The hands are have been bulked up and the only complication is a small date wheel at… Read More

NEW MODEL: Linde Werdelin Oktopus Carbon Moon


The Danes are famous for design, often (and stereotypically), the sort of clean and minimalist design beloved of Monocle readers the world over. The Danish designed, Swiss made watches of Linde Werdelin are certainly exquisitely made, but they’re a far cry from the sleek Scandi aesthetic that’s been en vogue for the last few years. And their latest watch is no different. Linde Werdelin make sports watches. Big, bold and unashamedly modern sports watches with a clear sense of purpose and some truly impressive case construction. Their watches are a lesser known alternative to watches from Hublot, as well as some of the sportier watches from the likes of Audemars Piguet and IWC. The latest Linde Werdelin, the Oktopus Carbon Moon is the sixth release in the Oktopus Moon series, and (unsurprisingly) features a moonphase complication, with a very modern photorealistic moon, on the openworked dial (which while stunning to look at, must be tricky to read at times). But the real hero of the watch is the case. Specifically the carbon case material. While forged carbon is all the rage in watch land these days, Linde Werdelin decided to go another route. Sure, the journey might have taken 2 years of… Read More