West Australian brand Haigh & Hastings makes a range of classic dive watches guided by the principle of ‘timepieces for dangerous men’.

HANDS-ON: The Haigh & Hastings Classic – Aussie style with a serious Swiss pedigree

Editor's Note: Last year we held a special week of stories focusing on local watch brands, and in a fit of creativity we called it 'Australian Watch Week'. Twelve months down the track, many of the brands have come up with a fresh crop of models, and we're going to be having a close look at some of the stand outs over the next few weeks. First up, Haigh & Hastings. Perth-based Haigh & Hastings has spent the past few…

AUSTRALIAN WATCH WEEK: Meet the founders

All week we've been showcasing great watches from local brands.These watches are very different from the sometimes anonymous products produced in their thousands by the large Swiss brands. These watches are very much the result of an a personal vision. So we're going to take a step back from the watches, meet the men behind the brands and find out what makes them tick. Todd Caldwell, Aegir Instruments The Pitch: We have an unalterable commitment to the highest quality product.…

HANDS-ON: The Haigh & Hastings M2 Diver

The Worn & Wound Take: As part of Australian Watch Week we're asking watch microbrand specialists Worn & Wound for their off the cuff take on every watch we review: "With clean lines and obvious inspirations, the M2 looks like a solid, but conservative option for those in need of a watch that can go from the office to the ocean." – Zach Weiss, Worn & Wound The Haigh & Hastings M2 Diver is everything an Australian sports watch should be – bulky, unpretentious, reliable…

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