Zachary Moore

Zach’s originally from London, but he’s just made a big move over to Australia with his fiancé, Maddy and their cat, Diablo. They’re getting settled in Sydney, trying to adapt to the warmer climate, slower lifestyle, and even giving winter swimming a shot. Zach is still trying to work out which nato strap works best with the constant blue skies, something he is not used to.

Zach’s been working in the software industry for 7 years, where he’s been developing innovative ways for financial institutions to create unique customer experiences. But, before that, Zach and his childhood friend Paul co-founded Supercars of London. Back in the day, they were all about chasing down supercars and sharing videos on YouTube. They were one of the original UK partner channels. Through school, university and working, they managed to turn their passion into a business. Zach’s moved on to other things, but Supercars of London still means a lot to him.

Back in 2000, Zach’s dad received a beautiful Rolex Submariner 16610 for his 50th Birthday and wore it every day. He was mesmerised by it, he also had a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and managed to always choose the best outfits for each watch, which he has learnt is a great skill.
When he saw a colleague wearing a similar watch, he became inspired to learn how to delicately repair and restore his dads Submariner. This marked the beginning of his fascination with the world of watches, and since then, he’s devoted countless hours to learning about vintage and neo-vintage watches, especially geeking out over Gerald Genta’s legacy, and making predictions about where the whole watch industry is headed and what the next trend will be. All the while trying to find the next watch to expand his own collection.

His main prediction, smaller watches will be making a strong comeback!