6 of the best lume dial watches

A brief history of luminous watch dials Murphy's Law states, "A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure." In watch collecting circles this is invariably true, but the number of watches in a collection is likely proportionate to the mania of the addiction, rather than proportionate to how punctual the collector might be. It also seems to be true that you need to know what time it is most urgently…

HANDS-ON: The Nodus Avalon – it may be green but this Nodus is ripe for the picking

"Living the dream" is how I'd best describe the two co-founders of microbrand watch company Nodus. The pair may be relative new recruits to the micro-watchmaking game, but Cullen Chen and Wesley Kwok have turned their passion for watches into their dream business, releasing their debut model, the Nodus Trieste, in 2017, taking its inspiration from '60s dive watches. Since then, the young up-and-coming microbrand has gone from strength to strength, building itself an enthusiastic cult following on the forums,…

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