Founded in 1924, Germany-based Archimede manufactures automatic and hand-wound watches for sports and technical pursuits, such as its pilot and marine collection, as well as a range of stylish dress watches.

Felix's first nice watch – an Archimede Pilot that's still in the rotation 10 years on

So it's a little bit weird to be writing an intro blurb for my own 'Every Watch Tells a Story' video, but there you go. I'd also say that my own 'story', brief as it is, doesn't stack up to some of the others we've got in terms of drama. But it is my story, and — I think — a relatable one.  It's the first one that I chose, and that I obsessed about online. It's the story of…

INTRODUCING: The Archimede Pilot 42 GMT – proven quality at a price that's hard to beat

German based Archimede is one of those small brands that quietly go about their business, sticking to their niche and making some excellent watches with minimal fuss. And while their catalogue offers a full suite of products, from dress to diver, it's pilots that they're best known for. And while Archimede's design has evolved a little over the years, fundamentally it holds very true to the WWII-era aviator's watches. The latest addition to the collection is a GMT, housed in…

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